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Repository for benchmarking graph neural networks
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Benchmarking Gnns2,137
2 months ago5mitJupyter Notebook
Repository for benchmarking graph neural networks
Reproducible Image Denoising State Of The Art1,759
a year ago4
Collection of popular and reproducible image denoising works.
React Fast Compare1,4529,2123529 days ago13May 28, 202011mitJavaScript
fastest deep equal comparison for React
Orion7891a day ago26July 04, 202253mitPython
A machine learning library for detecting anomalies in signals.
2 months ago15apache-2.0Python
An implementation of 'Deep Bilateral Learning for Real-Time Image Enhancement', SIGGRAPH 2017
Powerful Benchmarker411
2 months ago34September 19, 20202Jupyter Notebook
A library for ML benchmarking. It's powerful.
a year ago4March 31, 202052mitPython
A PyTorch reinforcement learning library for generalizable and reproducible algorithm implementations with an aim to improve accessibility in RL
Benchmarking Keras Pytorch342
2 years ago2otherPython
🔥 Reproducibly benchmarking Keras and PyTorch models
Mobile Ai Bench292
2 years ago6apache-2.0C++
Benchmarking Neural Network Inference on Mobile Devices
Sdgym206118 hours ago26December 13, 202129otherPython
Benchmarking synthetic data generation methods.
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Benchmarking Graph Neural Networks


May 10, 2022

  • Project based on DGL 0.6.1 and higher. See the relevant dependencies defined in the environment yml files (CPU, GPU).
  • Updated technical report of the framework on ArXiv.
  • Added AQSOL dataset, which is similar to ZINC for graph regression task, but has a real-world measured chemical target.
  • Added mathematical datasets -- GraphTheoryProp and CYCLES which are useful to test GNNs on specific theoretical graph properties.
  • Fixed issue #57.

Oct 7, 2020

  • Repo updated to DGL 0.5.2 and PyTorch 1.6.0. Please update your environment using yml files (CPU, GPU).
  • Added ZINC-full dataset (249K molecular graphs) with scripts.

Jun 11, 2020

  • Second release of the project. Major updates :
    • Added experimental pipeline for Weisfeiler-Lehman-GNNs operating on dense rank-2 tensors.
    • Added a leaderboard for all datasets.
    • Updated PATTERN dataset.
    • Fixed bug for PATTERN and CLUSTER accuracy.
    • Moved first release to this branch.
  • New ArXiv's version of the paper.

Mar 3, 2020

  • First release of the project.

1. Benchmark installation

Follow these instructions to install the benchmark and setup the environment.

2. Download datasets

Proceed as follows to download the benchmark datasets.

3. Reproducibility

Use this page to run the codes and reproduce the published results.

4. Adding a new dataset

Instructions to add a dataset to the benchmark.

5. Adding a Message-passing GCN

Step-by-step directions to add a MP-GCN to the benchmark.

6. Adding a Weisfeiler-Lehman GNN

Step-by-step directions to add a WL-GNN to the benchmark.

7. Leaderboards

Full leaderboards coming soon on

8. Reference

ArXiv's paper

  title={Benchmarking Graph Neural Networks},
  author={Dwivedi, Vijay Prakash and Joshi, Chaitanya K and Luu, Anh Tuan and Laurent, Thomas and Bengio, Yoshua and Bresson, Xavier},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2003.00982},

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