OSMnx: Python for street networks. Retrieve, model, analyze, and visualize street networks and other spatial data from OpenStreetMap.
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Osmnx4,219164715 hours ago50June 16, 20224mitPython
OSMnx: Python for street networks. Retrieve, model, analyze, and visualize street networks and other spatial data from OpenStreetMap.
2a year ago4November 09, 202016agpl-3.0Python
A tool for GTFS transit and OSM pedestrian network accessibility analysis by UrbanSim
Dodgr115747 days ago24January 13, 202311C++
Distances on Directed Graphs in R
2 years ago
A tutorial on map matching using OpenStreetMap data
2 years ago2bsd-2-clauseMATLAB
Interface to OpenStreetMap (load maps, extract road connectivity, plot road network & find shortest path)
Cityseer Api65
2 months ago80July 04, 2022agpl-3.0Python
Computational tools for urban analysis
Osmnet52228 months ago7July 13, 20201agpl-3.0Python
Tools for the extraction of OpenStreetMap street network data
3 years ago3mitPLpgSQL
GridKit is an power grid extraction toolkit
6 months ago9mpl-2.0Pascal
Visual control for Delphi and Lazarus to display OSM map
4 years agogpl-3.0Python
A street traffic simulation example project for MPI-based parallel computing in Python.
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OSMnx is a Python package that lets you download geospatial data from OpenStreetMap and model, project, visualize, and analyze real-world street networks and any other geospatial geometries. You can download and model walkable, drivable, or bikeable urban networks with a single line of Python code then easily analyze and visualize them. You can just as easily download and work with other infrastructure types, amenities/points of interest, building footprints, elevation data, street bearings/orientations, and speed/travel time.

If you use OSMnx in your work, please cite the journal article.

Citation info: Boeing, G. 2017. "OSMnx: New Methods for Acquiring, Constructing, Analyzing, and Visualizing Complex Street Networks." Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 65, 126-139. doi:10.1016/j.compenvurbsys.2017.05.004

Getting Started

How do I install OSMnx? Follow the installation instructions.

How do I use OSMnx? Check out the usage examples/tutorials in the examples repo.

How does this or that function work? Read its documentation.

What can I do with OSMnx? Check out recent projects and blog posts that use OSMnx.

I have a usage question. Please ask it on StackOverflow.


OSMnx is built on top of NetworkX and GeoPandas, and interacts with OpenStreetMap APIs to:

  • Download and model street networks or other networked infrastructure anywhere in the world with a single line of code
  • Download any other spatial geometries, place boundaries, building footprints, or points of interest as a GeoDataFrame
  • Download by city name, polygon, bounding box, or point/address + network distance
  • Download drivable, walkable, bikeable, or all street networks
  • Download node elevations and calculate edge grades (inclines)
  • Impute missing speeds and calculate graph edge travel times
  • Simplify and correct the network's topology to clean-up nodes and consolidate intersections
  • Fast map-matching of points, routes, or trajectories to nearest graph edges or nodes
  • Save networks to disk as shapefiles, GeoPackages, and GraphML
  • Save/load street network to/from a local .osm XML file
  • Conduct topological and spatial analyses to automatically calculate dozens of indicators
  • Calculate and visualize street bearings and orientations
  • Calculate and visualize shortest-path routes that minimize distance, travel time, elevation, etc
  • Explore street networks as a static map or interactive web map
  • Visualize travel distance and travel time with isoline and isochrone maps
  • Plot figure-ground diagrams of street networks and building footprints

All of these features are demonstrated in the examples repo and documented in the documentation. Feature development details are in the change log. Read the journal article for further technical details.


OSMnx is licensed under the MIT license. OpenStreetMap's open data license requires that derivative works provide proper attribution.

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