Mapsui is a .NET Map component for: MAUI, WPF, Avalonia, Uno, Blazor, WinUI, Xamarin and Eto
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Mapsui89512172 days ago195June 21, 2022124mitC#
Mapsui is a .NET Map component for: MAUI, WPF, Avalonia, Uno, Blazor, WinUI, Xamarin and Eto
Kinect 2 Coordinate Mapping29
9 years agomitC#
Coordinate mapping using Kinect for Windows version 2
4 years ago2mitC#
A WPF implementation of WinDirStat.
2 years ago1C#
OpenTK examples
6 months ago5C#
Build responsive map applications for web and desktop
7 years agomitC#
A simple solution which demonstrates a good (flexible) architecture for WPF applications, applying MVVM, Services, ServiceLocator.
Kinect Coordinate Mapping5
9 years agomitC#
Kinect for Windows coordinate mapping (SDK version 1.8)
6 years agomitC#
6 years ago2gpl-3.0C#
Gameboy Advance pokemon mapping tool collection
7 months agomitC#
A slippy map for .NET Core WPF, port of
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Mapsui (pronounced map-su-wii)

Mapsui is a map component to use in apps on platforms like MAUI, Avalonia, Uno, WPF and Blazor. For a list of all supported platforms see the table below. The right most column has a link to the gettings started.


After going through the getting started you could look into the samples. There are online samples in Blazor here. They are accompanied by a 'source code' tab. All these samples also work on all other platforms. To see the samples of the other platforms you need to clone the Mapsui project (through the 'code' button on the top right). The sln contains a Samples folder with an app for all supported platforms. Set one of them as started project and run. The accompanying code of the samples can be found here.


The documentation can be found at

Platform Nugets

Package Version Downloads Quickstart Guide
Mapsui.Maui NuGet Status NuGet MAUI
Mapsui.Wpf NuGet Status NuGet WPF
Mapsui.Avalonia NuGet Status NuGet Avalonia
Mapsui.Avalonia.V0 NuGet Status NuGet Avalonia.V0
Mapsui.Uno.WinUI NuGet Status NuGet Uno.WinUI
Mapsui.Uno NuGet Status NuGet Uno
Mapsui.Blazor NuGet Status NuGet Blazor
Mapsui.WinUI NuGet Status NuGet WinUI
Mapsui.Forms NuGet Status NuGet Xamarin Forms
Mapsui.Android NuGet Status NuGet Android
Mapsui.iOS NuGet Status NuGet iOS
Mapsui.Eto NuGet Status NuGet Eto

Core Nugets

Package Version Downloads
Mapsui NuGet Status NuGet
Mapsui.Nts NuGet Status NuGet
Mapsui.Tiling NuGet Status NuGet
Mapsui.Rendering.Skia NuGet Status NuGet
Mapsui.ArcGIS NuGet Status NuGet
Mapsui.Extensions NuGet Status NuGet

Build Status

platform status
Build code Build status
Build docs Build status


How can I help as a user

  • Write clear issues. Mention the Mapsui version and which platform you use.
  • Use screenshots and capture gif animations for issues that are hard to explain.
  • Create minimal reproducible samples if possible. This speeds up fixing the issue a lot.
  • Make yourself heard. We need to know what you are struggling with. Sure, you need to be respectful but don't be too modest.
  • You can vote on feature-request issues by adding a thumbs up on the first post of the issue.
  • Close an issue if your question is answered.


See the guidelines

Thanks go to

  • The developers of SharpMap from which this project was born.
  • Our users. Do not underestimate the value of good bug reports and tests.
  • realinfo for providing the logo
  • Our fantastic contributors!

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