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Mapsui (pronounced map-su-wii)

Mapsui is a C# map component for apps

  • Supported platforms: Xamarin.Forms (including Android, iOS, MacOS, UWP and WPF), WPF, UWP, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS.
  • The Mapsui core assemblies are .NET Standard 2.0
  • Designed to be fast and responsive


package version downloads quickstart guide
Mapsui NuGet Status NuGet
Mapsui.Forms NuGet Status NuGet Xamarin.Forms
Mapsui.Wpf NuGet Status NuGet WPF
Mapsui.Uwp NuGet Status NuGet UWP
Mapsui.Android NuGet Status NuGet Xamarin.Android
Mapsui.iOS NuGet Status NuGet Xamarin.iOS

Build Status

platform status
Build on Windows Build status
Build docs Build status
Github build action Build status


The documentation can be found at Let us know what kind of information you are missing.


The best way to get going with Mapsui is by using the Samples. If you clone the project there is a Samples folder with a Mapsui.Samples.Wpf project with the list of samples. The accompanying code can be found here.


How can I help as a user

  • Write clear issues. Mention the Mapsui version and which platform you use.
  • Use screenshots and capture gif animations for issues that are hard to explain.
  • Create minimal reproducible samples if possible. This speeds up fixing the issue a lot.
  • Make yourself heard. We need to know what you are struggling with. Sure, you need to be respectful but don't be too modest.
  • You can vote on feature-request issues by adding a thumbs up on the first post of the issue.
  • Close an issue if your question is answered.


See the guidelines

Thanks go to

  • Our fantastic contributors!
  • The developers of SharpMap from which this project was born.
  • Our users. Do not underestimate the value of good bug reports and tests.
  • realinfo for providing the logo


We are delighted with our first gold sponsor Sebastian Kruse, who has also contributed to Mapsui with informed test reports and expert advice.

Sebastian Kruse





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