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A Responsive Grid & Web Typography toolkit for Clojure & Clojurescript.

Built on Garden.


Web Design is 95% Typography - iA


My current priority is to build a Clojurescript interface to CSS Grid, CSS Animations specs in the context of Typography and Graphic Design.

Early research includes expressing:

  • A grid in a single fn
  • Available grids: columnar, container-row-column, fluid-nested-grid, golden-grid
  • Baseline Grid in a single fn
  • Modular Scale in a single fn
  • Viewport Math in a single fn
  • Baseline Typography
  • Typography mixins, and responsive utilities with gardener.
  • Create new DSLs


Early prototypes:

A simple 8-column grid with col-x classes:

(grid/create-minimal-grid ".grid" (px 20))

Fluid, Fractional grids

(def gutter (px 20))

(def grids
   (list (grid/create ".grid" gutter)
         (grid/wrap-widths 978)
         (grid/respond-small (:mobile breakpoints) gutter)
         (grid/respond-medium (:tablet breakpoints))))

Nested Grids

Add the following to fluid grids:


Baseline Typpography

(grid/zoomable-baseline-grid 16 24)

Create new DSLs

You may be working with a Creative Director or a Print Designer who does not understand CSS. But they understand Design. Wouldn't it be nice to understand their specs and codify them into data?

Designer: Make the headings serifs and scale-types using four breakpoints (take 480 px increments). And yes, use our brand settings.

(def settings
  {:min-width (px 400)
   :max-width (px 1200)
   :min-font (px 12)
   :max-font (px 32)
   :body-font (:eb-garamond typo/font-families)
   :header-font (:eb-garamond typo/font-families)
   :header-font-weight 600
   :header-color "#111"
   :scale :golden-ratio
   :breakpoints {:mobile (px 480)
                 :tablet (px 960)
                 :laptop (px 1440)
                 :monitor (px 1920)}})

(def fonts {:font-size-base (em 1.5)
            :line-height-base (em 1.45)
            :ff-serif ["EB Garamond" "Serif"]
            :ff-sans ["Fira Sans" "sans-serif"]
            :ff-mono ["Source Code Pro" "monospace"]})
(defn headings [declarations]
	[:h1 :h2 :h3 :header declarations])

;; Create your own DSL
(-> headings
    (scale-type settings)
    (make-serifs typo/font-families)))

Functional programmer: "Sure, let me build two higher order functions."

;; a bad example
(defn make-serifs [selector families]
  (fn [declarations]
    (let [styles (selector declarations)]
      (conj styles (font (:garamond families) 3 600 0.5 2)))))

;; slightly better
(defn scale-type [selector params]
  (fn [declarations]
    (let [styles (selector declarations)]
      (conj styles
            (at-media {:min-width (get-in params [:breakpoints :mobile])}
                      [:& {:font-size (* 1.5 (:min-font params))}])
            (at-media {:min-width (get-in params [:breakpoints :tablet])}
                      [:& {:font-size (* 1.75 (:min-font params))}])
            (at-media {:min-width (get-in params [:breakpoints :laptop])}
                      [:& {:font-size (* 2.25 (:min-font params))}])))))


Examples include example designs with Om and soon Reagent.

Run examples with the current mesh src, using figwheel:

lein dev
  • typography: showcase of all grids with Clj (compile to css)
  • grids: showcase of all grids with Clj (compile to css)

Clojure or Clojurescript?

Styles can be compiled on the server, client, or generated as plain css files.

Write styles in Clojure when you prefer static styles or compiled styles on server. Assuming you’re running lein garden auto with :stylesheet app.styles/index set in its build id, all styles will be compiled into css on disk.

Write styles in Clojurescript when you want styles to be dynamically included at runtime, via Js or Cljs. This is useful if you're building fine-grained components based on React-like libraries: rather than bundling styles into a single file, just import individual styles as functions:

(ns app.styles
  (:require [garden.core :refer [css]]))

(def index
  (css grids)))

(mesh.utils/insert-styles styles/index)

Invoke styles via plain old Javascript:


You don't need complex build tools like Webpack in Clojurescript. Just Convert CSS into data and pass them around as code.


Joel Holbrooks for creating Garden, Chris Coyler for countless CSS-Tricks.

I learned a lot by studying the source of multiple libraries (see references), and may have borrowed ideas from them. Starting this library would have been much harder without the work of these designers.



Mesh is currently in the development phase. I will be open to contributions during Alpha.



Clojars Project


Copyright © 2015-2019 Facjure, LLC.

Released under the Eclipse Public License, same as Clojure & Clojurescript.

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