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Spix is a minimally invasive UI testing library that enables your Qt/QML app's UI to be controlled either via c++ code, or through an http RPC interface.

UI elements are referenced through names and paths which are robust against design changes. To click on a button you write


To provide an RPC test interface to your app, only add these three lines to your main(...) function:

spix::AnyRpcServer server;
auto bot = new spix::QtQmlBot();

And a test script in python could look like this:

import xmlrpc.client

s = xmlrpc.client.ServerProxy('http://localhost:9000')
resultText = s.getStringProperty("mainWindow/results", "text")

What are the applications of Spix?

The obvious use for Spix is to automatically test the GUI of your Qt/QML application and make sure that it behaves as you expect. However, you can also use Spix as an easy way to remote control existing Qt/QML applications or to automatically generate and update screenshots for your documentation.


  • Qt
  • AnyRPC

Current Features

  • Send mouse events (click, move, drag/drop)
  • Drop mime data from external apps
  • Enter text
  • Check existence and visibility of items
  • Get property values of items (text, position, color, ...)
  • Take and save a screenshot
  • Quit the app
  • Remote control, also of embedded devices / iOS

Building Spix

Spix uses cmake and can be build with the standard cmake commands once cloned:

git clone
cd spix
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
cmake --build .

You can also have a look at the build scripts in ci/, which are run on the build server to build and test Spix.

If you installed the dependencies (like AnyRPC) in a non-standard directory you can point cmake to it by setting CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH, so instead of cmake .. you run:

cmake -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/path/to/libs ..

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