A Vehicle Plugin for Unreal Engine 4
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3 days ago66gpl-3.0Java
Android OBD diagnostics with any ELM327 adapter
V2x Hub100
13 days ago34C
V2X Hub is a message handler that acts as a translator and data aggregator/disseminator for infrastructure components of a connected vehicle deployment.
Homebridge Fordpass56
6 days ago36August 24, 202210gpl-3.0TypeScript
Control your Ford vehicle in HomeKit using Homebridge.
Vehicle Dsm52
2 months ago3mitC++
Vehicle detection and speed measurement system
4 years agomitC++
A Gazebo plugin to simulate underwater vehicles and visualize with UWsim.
2 years ago1C++
A Vehicle Plugin for Unreal Engine 4
2 years ago6osl-3.0PHP
[WIP | Pre-Release] A PocketMine-MP plugin that brings vehicles to your server !
Openrct2 Ridevehicleeditor24
a month ago3mitTypeScript
A plugin for OpenRCT2 that lets you edit vehicles on any ride in your park on the fly.
Wordpress Plugin Inventory Api21
8 years ago1gpl-2.0PHP
This is the new WordPress plugin for DealerTrend, Inc. It will interface with their Automotive Information System's API.
Qgis Posiview19
19 hours ago2Python
Python plugin for QGis to track multiple vehicles or movable objects
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NWheeled Plugin

This is a plugin for Unreal Engine 4 v4.15 or newer (NOT THE CURRENT RELEASE VERSION 4.14), that provides users the ability to create vehicles up to 32 wheels. It is an extension of the Engine's basic classes, and can be found under Blueprint Class creation panel, named NWheeledVehicles.

If you need a plugin for UE4.14 and OLDER, switch to branch 4.14 <<

Creation via Content Browser

Vehicle setup is straightforward, and very similar to UE4 standard one, except for differential settings, where you have to select which of the vehicle's wheels will be connected to it thought a checkbox on Differential Setup Tab.

You will find an Advanced Vehicle Wheel and Tank blueprint class, but it is currently BROKEN, don't use it, for now. Still working on it. Advanced Vehicle Wheel class will provide suspension camber, spring strengh, suspension damper and toe angle settings for very fine configurations. When creating AnimationBlueprints, use VehicleAnimInstance with Wheel Handler node. Please, don't use NVehicleAnimInstance and Advanced Wheel Handler, will crash editor.

To use this plugin, just download and unzip it under your "ProjectFolder/Plugin" folder. Yes, create it if not yet. You can use it as an Engine plugin too, for that, unzip content to "Engine/Plugins/Runtime" folder. Good luck!

Any comments, suggestion or feedbacks to https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?111324-WIP-Plugin-for-Vehicles&highlight=vehicle+plugin

Workingd Classes:


Black Listed Classes:

AnimBlueprint->NWheeledAnimInstance[AdvancedWheelHandler node] BlueprintClass->AdvancedVehicleWheel

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