Vehicle Dsm

Vehicle detection and speed measurement system
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Vehicle Dsm52
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Vehicle detection and speed measurement system
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Vehicle Detection and Speed Measurement System

This software is provided as it is in addition to the paper

A Video-Based System for Vehicle Speed Measurement in Urban Roadways .



vehicledsm is a GStreamer plugin written in C/C++. For compiling the project, the following tools are required:

  • libtool
  • autoconf
  • libgstreamer1.0-dev
  • libtesseract-dev
  • libleptonica-dev
  • gcc 5.5 (or lower)


Part 1 (subset 1,2a): Google Drive

Part 2 (subset 2b): Google Drive

Part 3 (subset 3,4,5): Google Drive

Build and run

Once all dependencies are correctly installed, configure the package and build it with:

  cd gst-plugin

If everything goes fine, the binary file must appear in gst-plugin/gstreamer/.libs.

To inspect that file (check if it is working properly), do:

  cd gst-plugin/tools/

It should list the properties of the vehicledsm plugin.

To run the software with the provided videos (please download the dataset first if not already done), do:

  cd gst-plugin/tools
  ./ ../../dataset/set1/


Please cite out paper if this software or any part of it is useful for you:

  author={D. C. Luvizon and B. T. Nassu and R. Minetto},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems},
  title={A Video-Based System for Vehicle Speed Measurement in Urban Roadways},

Some tips about GStreamer

Modify gst-plugin/src/ to add or remove source files to build or add additional dependencies or compiler flags or change the name of the plugin file to be installed. Run ./ if changes don't take effect automatically on 'make'.

Modify gst-plugin/ to check for additional library dependencies or other features needed by your plugin. Run ./ if changes don't take effect automatically on 'make'.

Once the plugin is built you can either install it with 'sudo make install' (however, this will by default go into the /usr/local prefix where it won't be picked up by a GStreamer installed from packages, so you would need to set the GST_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable to include or point to /usr/local/lib/gstreamer-1.0/ for your plugin to be found by a from-package GStreamer). Alternatively, you will find your plugin binary in gst-plugins/src/.libs/ as or similar (the extension may vary), so you can also set the GST_PLUGIN_PATH environmen variable to the gst-plugins/src/.libs/ directory (best to specify an absolute path though).

Known issues

  • For some unknown reason, sometimes the software crashes with a SIGSEGV just after launched.


This code is provided under a MIT license, which basically means "do with it as you wish, but don't blame us if it doesn't work". You can use this code for any project as you wish, under any license as you wish. We recommend the use of the LGPL license for applications and plugins, given the minefield of patents the multimedia is nowadays. See the Gstreamer website for details.

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