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JWT Auth Demo (Angular + ASP.NET Core / ASP.NET 5+)

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This repository demos an Angular SPA and an ASP.NET Core web API application using JWT auth, and an integration testing project for a set of actions including login, logout, refresh token, impersonation, authentication, and authorization.

Medium Articles

  1. JWT Auth in ASP.NET Core

    In this article, I will show you how to implement an ASP.NET Core web API application using JWT authentication and authorization.

  2. JWT Authentication in Angular

    In this article, we will build a simple app using Angular. We will implement an AuthService class to handle login, logout, and refresh token processes, as well as operations for localStorage key-value pairs. We will create a JwtInterceptor class to add JWT Bearer token to the HTTP request headers, and an UnauthorizedInterceptor class to redirect the user to the login page if an HTTP status code 401 is received. We will use an AuthGuard to prevent unauthenticated user from visiting the application pages.


jwt demo

Solution Structure

This repository includes two applications: an Angular SPA in the angular folder, and an ASP.NET Core web API app in the webapi folder. The SPA makes HTTP requests to the server side (the webapi app) using an API BaseURL https://localhost:5001. The API BaseURL is set in the environment.ts file and the file, which can be modified based on your situation.

  • angular The SPA is served using NGINX on Docker. The application demonstrates JWT authorization in the front-end.
  • webapi The ASP.NET Core web API app is served by Kestrel on Docker. This app has implemented HTTPS support.


The demo is configured to run by Docker Compose. The services are listed in the docker-compose.yml file. You can launch the demo by the following command.

docker-compose up --build --remove-orphans

Then visit http://localhost:8080 for the app, and https://localhost:5001 for Swagger document for the web API project.

NOTE: You can also move the folders around to consolidate the solution as one ASP.NET Core web app using the SPA service.



Feel free to use the code in this repository as it is under MIT license.

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