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一个轻量级 Java 权限认证框架,让鉴权变得简单、优雅!—— 登录认证、权限认证、分布式Session会话、微服务网关鉴权、单点登录、OAuth2.0
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Sa Token15,64123a month ago44October 17, 202314apache-2.0Java
一个轻量级 Java 权限认证框架,让鉴权变得简单、优雅!—— 登录认证、权限认证、分布式Session会话、微服务网关鉴权、单点登录、OAuth2.0
Satellizer8,01728475 years ago56August 30, 2016287mitTypeScript
Token-based AngularJS Authentication
Oauth2orize3,4262,4131768 months ago22October 13, 202377mitJavaScript
OAuth 2.0 authorization server toolkit for Node.js.
Jwt2,0643133795 months ago128September 27, 20239otherC#
Jwt.Net, a JWT (JSON Web Token) implementation for .NET
React Native App Auth1,85515125 months ago50October 02, 2023155mitJava
React native bridge for AppAuth - an SDK for communicating with OAuth2 providers
Node Openid Client1,6692755125 months ago178October 11, 2023mitJavaScript
OpenID Certified™ Relying Party (OpenID Connect/OAuth 2.0 Client) implementation for Node.js.
Spring Boot Jwt1,374
6 months agomitJava
JWT auth service using Spring Boot, Spring Security and MySQL
Oauth2 Demo1,094
2 years ago24Java
Re:从零开始的Spring Security Oauth2
Axios Auth Refresh9843876 months ago38January 07, 202315mitTypeScript
Library that helps you implement automatic refresh of authorization via axios interceptors. You can easily intercept the original request when it fails, refresh the authorization and continue with the original request, without user even noticing.
Spring Restful Authorization837
9 years ago7Java
这个 Demo 用于演示如何在 RESTful 下使用自定义 Token 保持客户端登录状态,依靠 Spring 的拦截器和解析器完成权限验证及登录用户注入,并使用 Redis 存储 Token。
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