Apereo CAS - Identity & Single Sign On for all earthlings and beyond.
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Supertokens Core10,749
5 days ago106otherJava
Open source alternative to Auth0 / Firebase Auth / AWS Cognito
Cas10,4404023 hours ago154November 25, 20232apache-2.0Java
Apereo CAS - Identity & Single Sign On for all earthlings and beyond.
Grant3,957210548 days ago99October 06, 202321mitJavaScript
OAuth Proxy
Amplify Cli2,771784 days ago486May 09, 2023710apache-2.0TypeScript
The AWS Amplify CLI is a toolchain for simplifying serverless web and mobile development.
Aws Iam Authenticator2,079705 days ago54November 29, 202337apache-2.0Go
A tool to use AWS IAM credentials to authenticate to a Kubernetes cluster
Aws Sdk Android995457696 days ago215August 01, 2023135otherJava
AWS SDK for Android. For more information, see our web site:
Aws Serverless Auth Reference App753
4 years ago14otherTypeScript
Serverless reference app and backend API, showcasing authentication and authorization patterns using Amazon Cognito, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and AWS IAM.
Cloudfront Auth594
a year ago44iscJavaScript
An AWS CloudFront Lambda@Edge function to authenticate requests using Google Apps, Microsoft, Auth0, OKTA, and GitHub login
Aws Google Auth494132 years ago38May 02, 202276mitPython
Provides AWS STS credentials based on Google Apps SAML SSO auth (what a jumble!)
Vaultsharp45214782 months ago51April 03, 202315apache-2.0C#
A comprehensive cross-platform .NET Library for HashiCorp's Vault, a secret management tool
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Central Authentication Service (CAS)

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Welcome to the home of the Central Authentication Service project, more commonly referred to as CAS. CAS is an enterprise multilingual single sign-on solution for the web and attempts to be a comprehensive platform for your authentication and authorization needs.

CAS is an open and well-documented authentication protocol. The primary implementation of the protocol is an open-source Java server component by the same name hosted here, with support for a plethora of additional authentication protocols and features such a SAML2, OpenID Connect and many many more.


Contributing Guide Open Pull Requests

If you have already identified an enhancement or a bug, it is STRONGLY recommended that you submit a pull request to address the case. There is no need for special ceremony to create separate issues. The pull request IS the issue and it will be tracked and tagged as such.

Documentation Javadoc

Version Reference

Additional resources are available as follows:

Getting Started

Maven Central GitHub Releases

It is recommended to deploy CAS locally using the WAR Overlay method. Cloning or downloading the CAS codebase is ONLY required if you wish to contribute to the development of the project.

We recommend that you review this page to get started with your CAS deployment.


The following features are supported by the CAS project:

  • CAS v1, v2 and v3 Protocol
  • SAML v1 and v2 Protocol
  • OAuth v2 Protocol
  • OpenID Connect Protocol
  • WS-Federation Passive Requestor Protocol
  • Authentication via JAAS, LDAP, RDBMS, X.509, Radius, SPNEGO, JWT, Remote, Apache Cassandra, Trusted, BASIC, MongoDB, Pac4J and more.
  • Delegated authentication to WS-FED, Facebook, Twitter, SAML IdP, OpenID Connect, CAS and more.
  • Authorization via ABAC, Time/Date, REST, Internet2's Grouper and more.
  • HA clustered deployments via Hazelcast, JPA, Apache Cassandra, Memcached, Apache Ignite, MongoDB, Redis, DynamoDb, and more.
  • Application registration backed by JSON, LDAP, YAML, Apache Cassandra, JPA, MongoDB, DynamoDb, Redis and more.
  • Multifactor authentication via Duo Security, YubiKey, RSA, Google Authenticator, WebAuthn and more.
  • Administrative UIs to manage logging, monitoring, statistics, configuration, client registration and more.
  • Global and per-application user interface theme and branding.
  • Password management and password policy enforcement.
  • Deployment options using Apache Tomcat, Jetty, Undertow, packaged and running as Docker containers.

The foundations of CAS are built upon: Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.

Development devlocity codecov


CAS is 100% free open source software managed by Apereo, licensed under Apache v2. Our community has access to all releases of the CAS software with absolutely no costs. We welcome contributions from our community of all types and sizes. The time and effort to develop and maintain this project is dedicated by a group of volunteers and contributors. Support options may be found here. If you (or your employer) benefit from this project, please consider becoming a Friend of Apereo and contribute.

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