StarHackIt: React/Native/Node fullstack starter kit with authentication and authorisation, data backed by SQL, the infrastructure deployed with GruCloud
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Flask Appbuilder4,36830132a day ago312November 20, 2023167bsd-3-clausePython
Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask. includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more. Demo (login with guest/welcome) -
a month ago20mitC#
Blazor Boilerplate / Starter Template with MudBlazor
Starhackit1,2884a month ago20September 22, 20169unlicenseJavaScript
StarHackIt: React/Native/Node fullstack starter kit with authentication and authorisation, data backed by SQL, the infrastructure deployed with GruCloud
15 hours ago77mitGo
Your data, your control. Fully open source, authentication and authorization. No lock-ins. Deployment in Railway in 120 seconds || Spin a docker image as a micro-service in your infra. Built in login page and Admin panel out of the box.
16 days ago19mitTypeScript
⚡ Powerful graphical SurrealDB query playground and database explorer for Browser and Desktop
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Bridge from the pac4j security library to Shiro
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Security library for Play framework 2 in Java and Scala: OAuth, CAS, SAML, OpenID Connect, LDAP, JWT...
Supra Api Nodejs294
10 months ago7mitJavaScript
❤️ Node.js REST API boilerplate
Spring Security Pac4j26837153 days ago32November 30, 2022apache-2.0Java
Bridge from the pac4j security library to Spring Security (reactive)
a year agogpl-2.0PHP
基于Web界面的Rest风格API生成器For LazyPHP4
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StarHackIt is a fullstack starter kit composed of:

See the online documentation on gitbook

Fullstack web application starter kit written in modern Javascript with react and node.js with the following features:

  • Authentication: username/password, facebook, google authentication etc ...
  • Authorization: scheme using user, group and permission
  • Scalable by using a micro services based architecture, a.k.a message queues
  • Relational database: postgres, mysql, sqlite, mssql etc, ...

Dev Technologies

  • GruCloud: Deploy and Destroy infrastructure with Javascript
  • Docker: Debug your app, not your environment
  • Mocha: test framework.
  • Karma: a productive testing environment to developers
  • Nightwatch: End-to-End tests in Node.js quickly and effortlessly that run against a Selenium server
  • Sinon: test spies, stubs and mocks.
  • Eslint: The pluggable linting utility for JavaScript and JSX.
  • Travis: Test and deploy. Build Status
  • NYC: Code coverage
  • Greenkeeper badge

The frontend and the backend are two separate projects with their own set of dependencies. One can use the frontend with another existing backend, or use the backend with another frontend stack.




Crafted with passion by Frederic Heem

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