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| Cssdbpy is SSDB client written on Cython. Faster standard SSDB client. | SSDB a high performance NoSQL database supporting many data structures, an alternative to Redis.


.. code-block:: bash

pip install cssdbpy


.. code-block:: bash

pip install


.. code-block:: python

from cssdbpy import Connection from time import time import md5

if name == 'main': conn = Connection('', 8888) for i in xrange(0, 1000): md5word ='word{}'.format(i)).hexdigest() create = conn.execute('hset','words', md5word, int(time())) value = conn.execute('hget','words', md5word) exists = conn.execute('hexists','words', md5word) delete = conn.execute('hdel','words', md5word) print md5word, value, create, exists, delete print conn.execute('hscan', 'words', '', '', 100) conn.execute('hclear','words')



MacBook Pro 2012 2,5 GHz Intel Core i5 4 ГБ 1600 МГц DDR3 80000 key/value fields

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