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The Top 73 Key Value Open Source Projects

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Etcd ⭐29,720
Distributed reliable key-value store for the most critical data of a distributed system
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Bolt ⭐10,478
An embedded key/value database for Go.
Mmkv ⭐9,240
An efficient, small mobile key-value storage framework developed by WeChat. Works on iOS, Android, macOS and Windows.
Arangodb ⭐9,236
🥑 ArangoDB is a native multi-model database with flexible data models for documents, graphs, and key-values. Build high performance applications using a convenient SQL-like query language or JavaScript extensions.
Badger ⭐7,306
Fast key-value DB in Go.
Tikv ⭐6,899
Distributed transactional key-value database, originally created to complement TiDB
Dynomite ⭐3,330
A generic dynamo implementation for different k-v storage engines
Buntdb ⭐2,634
BuntDB is an embeddable, in-memory key/value database for Go with custom indexing and geospatial support
Immortaldb ⭐2,535
🔩 A relentless key-value store for the browser.
Nuster ⭐1,541
A high performance HTTP proxy cache server and RESTful NoSQL cache server based on HAProxy
Ardb ⭐1,501
A redis protocol compatible nosql, it support multiple storage engines as backend like Google's LevelDB, Facebook's RocksDB, OpenLDAP's LMDB, PerconaFT, WiredTiger, ForestDB.
Egocache ⭐1,340
Fast Caching for Objective-C (iPhone & Mac Compatible)
Pumpkindb ⭐1,144
Immutable Ordered Key-Value Database Engine
Unqlite ⭐1,114
An Embedded NoSQL, Transactional Database Engine
Nutsdb ⭐1,087
A simple, fast, embeddable, persistent key/value store written in pure Go. It supports fully serializable transactions and many data structures such as list, set, sorted set.
Ejdb ⭐1,053
🏂 EJDB 2.0 — Embeddable JSON Database engine C library. Simple XPath like query language (JQL). Websockets / Android / iOS / React Native / Flutter / Java / Dart / Node.js bindings. Docker image.
Keyv ⭐976
Simple key-value storage with support for multiple backends
Hive ⭐948
Lightweight and blazing fast key-value database written in pure Dart.
Easyflash ⭐917
Lightweight IoT device information storage solution. Make the flash to be a small KV database. | 轻量级物联网设备信息存储方案,让 Flash 成为小型 KV 数据库
Nessdb ⭐752
A very fast transactional key-value, embedded database storage engine in Fractal-Tree. Teaching/Research purposes only.
Xodus ⭐709
JetBrains Xodus is a transactional schema-less embedded database used by JetBrains YouTrack and JetBrains Hub.
Histore ⭐676
🏬 200b key-value store backed by navigation state
Hraftd ⭐627
A reference use of Hashicorp's Raft implementation
Pogreb ⭐500
Embedded key-value store for read-heavy workloads written in Go
Github Ds ⭐495
A collection of Ruby libraries for working with SQL on top of ActiveRecord's connection
Laravel Options ⭐491
Global key-value store in the database
Olric ⭐473
Distributed cache and key/value store. It can be used both as an embedded Go library and as a language-independent service.
Pickledb ⭐440
pickleDB is an open source key-value store using Python's json module.
Redislite ⭐431
Redis in a python module.
Lmdbjava ⭐407
Lightning Memory Database (LMDB) for Java: a low latency, transactional, sorted, embedded, key-value store
Elasticell ⭐389
Elastic Key-Value Storage With Strong Consistency and Reliability
Ramcloud ⭐379
**No Longer Maintained** Official RAMCloud repo
Infinit ⭐362
The Infinit policy-based software-defined storage platform.
Libshmcache ⭐352
libshmcache is a local cache in the share memory for multi processes. high performance due to read is lockless. libshmcache is 100+ times faster than a remote interface such as redis.
Hashmap ⭐350
HashMap JavaScript class for Node.js and the browser. The keys can be anything and won't be stringified
Diplomat ⭐342
A HTTP Ruby API for Consul
Godown ⭐340
Distributed, fault-tolerant key-value storage written in go.
Libmdbx ⭐331
One of the fastest embeddable key-value ACID database without WAL.
Js ⭐285
Gryadka is a minimalistic master-master replicated consistent key-value storage based on the CASPaxos protocol
Kissme ⭐285
Kissme: Kotlin Secure Storage Multiplatform
Bitcask ⭐285
🔑A high performance Key/Value store written in Go with a predictable read/write performance and high throughput. Uses a Bitcask on-disk layout (LSM+WAL) similar to Riak.
Permazen ⭐253
Language-Natural Persistence Layer for Java
Flintstone ⭐242
A key/value database store using flat files for PHP.
Bitnami Docker Redis ⭐227
Bitnami Redis Docker Image
Libdict ⭐212
C library of key-value data structures.
Filebase ⭐174
A Simple but Powerful Flat File Database Storage.
Iowow ⭐172
The skiplist based persistent key/value storage engine
Vasto ⭐169
A distributed key-value store. On Disk. Able to grow or shrink without service interruption.
Gokv ⭐164
Simple key-value store abstraction and implementations for Go (Redis, Consul, etcd, bbolt, BadgerDB, LevelDB, Memcached, DynamoDB, S3, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CockroachDB and many more)
Fastkv ⭐163
FastKV is a real-time and high-performance persistent key-value store implemented by mmap. FastKV是由mmap实现的一个高实时性、高性能key-value持久化存储组件。
Dvid ⭐159
Distributed, Versioned, Image-oriented Dataservice
Sdb ⭐140
Simple and fast string based key-value database with support for arrays and json
Justindb ⭐136
⚛️ JustinDB is a highly available globally distributed key-value data store.
Ansible Role Redis ⭐130
Ansible Role - Redis
Verdi Raft ⭐124
An implementation of the Raft distributed consensus protocol, verified in Coq using the Verdi framework
Endb ⭐114
🗃 Simple key-value storage with support for multiple backends
Bulletinboard Dht ⭐107
Your internet-wide general-purpose DHT to store key/value pairs
Rust Etcd ⭐102
An etcd client library for Rust.
Gkvdb ⭐98
[mirror] Go语言开发的基于DRH(Deep-Re-Hash)深度哈希分区算法的高性能高可用Key-Value嵌入式事务数据库。基于纯Go语言实现,具有优异的跨平台性,良好的高可用及文件IO复用设计,高效的底层数据库文件操作性能,支持原子操作、批量操作、事务操作、多表操作、多表事务、随机遍历等特性。
Laravel Settings ⭐97
Persistent key-value storage for Laravel, json value supported. l10n supported.
Slowpoke ⭐93
Low-level key/value store in pure Go.
Cssdbpy ⭐80
Fastest SSDB client written on Cython. Production ready
Cask ⭐71
A fast key-value store written in Rust
Cucache ⭐63
Fast PUT/GET/DELETE in-memory key-value store for lookaside caching
Cubdb ⭐54
Elixir embedded key/value database
Zanredisdb ⭐53
Yet another distributed kvstore support redis data and index. moved to:
Cog ⭐49
A Python Embedded Graph Database
Microblob ⭐44
Serve millions of JSON documents via HTTP.
Claudb ⭐40
ClauDB is a REDIS implementation in Java
Keyvast ⭐30
KeyVast - A key value store ⭐28
Azure Storage Simplified
Typedvalue ⭐19
Tiny library to simplify access to SharedPreferences, Bundle or any other key-value storage
Nova Key Value ⭐14
Nova Key Value Field
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