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The Top 31 Leveldb Open Source Projects

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Ssdb 6,626
SSDB - A fast NoSQL database, an alternative to Redis
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Levelup 3,677
A wrapper for abstract-leveldown compliant stores, for Node.js and browsers.
Goleveldb 3,550
LevelDB key/value database in Go.
Ardb 1,501
A redis protocol compatible nosql, it support multiple storage engines as backend like Google's LevelDB, Facebook's RocksDB, OpenLDAP's LMDB, PerconaFT, WiredTiger, ForestDB.
Level 876
Fast & simple storage. A Node.js-style LevelDB wrapper for Node.js, Electron and browsers.
Fastonosql 626
FastoNoSQL is a crossplatform Redis, Memcached, SSDB, LevelDB, RocksDB, UnQLite, LMDB, ForestDB, Pika, Dynomite, KeyDB GUI management tool.
Leveldown 615
Pure C++ Node.js LevelDB binding. An abstract-leveldown compliant store.
Nano Sql 605
Universal database layer for the client, server & mobile devices. It's like Lego for databases.
Objective Leveldb 435
An Objective-C database library built over Google's LevelDB
Pebblesdb 300
The PebblesDB write-optimized key-value store (SOSP 17)
Lev 287
The complete REPL & CLI for managing LevelDB instances.
Cphalcon7 216
Dao7 - Web framework for PHP7.x
Mongols 205
C++ high performance networking with TCP/RESP/HTTP/WebSocket protocols
Ldb 190
A C++ REPL / CLI for LevelDB
Awesome 129
An open list of awesome Level modules and resources.
Bitcoin_tools 125
Python Bitcoin tools
Wickdb 124
LSM-tree based embedded storage engine for Rust
Party 117
Open a leveldb handle multiple times
Rocksdb 115
Pure C++ Node.js RocksDB binding. An abstract-leveldown compliant store.
Srchx 110
A standalone lightweight full-text search engine built on top of blevesearch and Go with multiple storage (scorch, boltdb, leveldb, badger)
Level Rocksdb 108
A convenience package bundling levelup and rocksdb.
Nci 103
Flexible, open source continuous integration server written in node.js
Benchmarks 99
Benchmark of open source, embedded, memory-mapped, key-value stores available from Java (JMH)
Cssdbpy 80
Fastest SSDB client written on Cython. Production ready
Mhtextsearch 78
A fast full-text search library for Objective-C
Electron Demo 77
Demo app loading LevelDB into an Electron context.
Gun Level 64
LevelDB storage plugin for gunDB
Goshare 60
Go Share your TimeSeries/NameSpace/KeyVal DataStore (using leveldb) over HTTP &/or ZeroMQ
Tmlibs 45
DEPRECATED: Merged into under `libs`
Pwned 16
Simple C++ code for simple tasks
Rabbitmq Msg Store Index Eleveldb 13
LevelDB-based message store index for RabbitMQ
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