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Tropic Test Runner

Tropic offers following features:

  • Async testing with async/await, promises or done callback
  • Execute certain tests by using only and skip
  • Watchmode
  • Colorful logs
  • No global variables
  • Isolated test execution
  • Transpile/Compile code with e.g.: babel, ES2017
  • Lightweight, No additional dependencies



const test = require('tropic');
const assert = require('assert');

test('title', () => {
  assert.equal(1 + 2, 3)

test.only('title test.only', () => {
  assert.equal(1 + 2, 3)

test.skip('title test.skip', () => {
  assert.equal(1 + 2, 3)

test('title done callback', (done) => {});
test('title promise', () => Promise.resolve());
test('title async-await', async () => await () => {});


You can install tropic using npm:

npm install --save-dev tropic

After you created your first test file (e.g. test.spec.js) you might just run tropic like the following:

tropic **/*.spec.js --watch

Usage with babel / ES2019:

npm install @babel/register --save-dev
tropic **/*.spec.js [email protected]/register

Note: Please verify that you have a .babelrc or babel config within your package.json. Also make sure that you have all plugins/presets in installed and configured.



Starts a watcher for the current directory. On file changes the tests will be automaticly executed again. In case there is already an execution running, the running execution will be canceled. The watcher ignores the node_modules directory, dotfiles and hidden directories like .idea.


Following an example using @babel/register:

tropic **/*.spec.js [email protected]/register

Multiple modules are also supported:

tropic **/*.spec.js [email protected]/register,./custom-local-script.js


Sets the threshold of the accepted test execution duration in milliseconds. [Default 200 ms]

tropic **/*.spec.js --timeout=20


  • Feel free to open an issue or even a pull request
  • To run one single integration test just go for node cli test/assert
  • Check the package.json for further scripts

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