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Gaana API [Unofficial]

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Gaana API written in Python using Flask

NOTE: You need to have Gaana link of the song in order to fetch the song details, search feature may be implemented in future if requested.


Currently the API can get the following details for a specific song in JSON format:
  • Album Name
  • Artist Name
  • Bitrate Fetched
  • Duration of song
  • Song Language
  • Playable m3u8 Link
  • Release Date
  • Album Art Link (Max Resolution)
  • Song Title
  • Lyrics
"artist":"Alan Walker",
"duration":"2min 39sec",
"released":"Dec 02, 2016",


Clone this repository using

$ git clone

Enter the directory and install all the requirements using

$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Run the app using

$ python3

Navigate to to see the Homepage


Lyrics fetching is optional and is triggered only when &lyrics=true is added with the url<insert-gaana-link-here>&lyrics=true

Example: Navigate to to get a json response of song data in return.

You can fork the repo and deploy on VPS or deploy it on Heroku :)

Deploy Note: Heroku gives US/Europe servers which won't be able to fetch all songs flawlessly. Use any Indian VPS for fetching accurate results.

Made using this API ❤️

@songdl_bot - Song Downloader Bot on Telegram

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Made with ❤️ in India

© Sumanjay

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