Custom component for retrieving weather information from the Bureau of Meteorology.
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Custom component for retrieving weather information from the Bureau of Meteorology.
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Bureau of Meteorology Custom Component

This integration only supports locations within Australia.

This Home Assistant custom component uses the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) as a source for weather information. This grabs data from an undocumented API that is used to provide data to https://weather.bom.gov.au/

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Installation (There are two methods, with HACS or manual)

Install via HACS (default store) or install manually by copying the files in a new 'custom_components/bureau_of_meteorology' directory.


After you have installed the custom component (see above):

  1. Goto the Configuration -> Integrations page.
  2. On the bottom right of the page, click on the + Add Integration sign to add an integration.
  3. Search for Bureau of Meteorology. (If you don't see it, try refreshing your browser page to reload the cache.)
  4. Click Submit so add the integration.


Please set your logging for the custom_component to debug:

  default: warn
    custom_components.bureau_of_meteorology: debug


  1. This integration will not refresh data faster than once every 10 minutes.
  2. All feature requests, issues and questions are welcome.

Release Notes

1.1.18 - Fix observed min/max sensors

  • Fix a bug in the configuration of the observed min/max sensors (note that it may be necessary to remove and re-add the instance of the integration to correct)

1.1.17 - Adjust rain range format

  • On some cards (particularly on mobile devices) with larger numbers the rain range fields where getting to wide to fit. The range fields format has been updated from 25 to 30mm to 25-30mm to overcome this problem.

1.1.16 - Add more data to hourly forecast

  • Add humidity to hourly forecast
  • Add UV to hourly forecast
  • Add wind gust speed to hourly forecast

1.1.15 - Add more sensor data

  • Add color attributes to the fire danger sensor.
  • Add observation sensors for observed min/max along with timestamp.

1.1.14 - Allow reconfiguration

  • Allow integration reconfiguration (thanks to @Djelibeybi for the contribution).
  • Register entities within a service (thanks to @Djelibeybi for the contribution).
  • Adjust UV text to match an update made on the BoM site.
  • Fix a problem with the call to the location api not returning a valid location.

1.1.13 - Add bad location error message

  • Add a meaningful error message when trying to configure using lat/lon that aren't in Australia.

1.1.12 - Embed timezone in timestamps

  • This embeds the timezone of the location in timestamps, whcih is needed to display timess correctly if you create sensors in a different timezone to where the HA server is located.

1.1.11 - Fixes for 2022.7.0

  • This is to address an architecture change in 2022.7.0 and will not install on earlier versions of HA.

1.1.10 - Add UV Forecast

  • Adds new uv_forecast sensors to the daily forecast.
  • Make the uv_category sensors more human readable.

1.1.9 - Add attribute to extended forecasts

  • Add 'state' attribute to extended forecast entities to hold the non-truncated forecast.

1.1.8 - Weather Warnings

  • Add optional warning sensor.
  • Rework card configuration.

1.1.7 - Fix upgrading

  • 1.1.6 had a problem that when upgrading the weather.xxx entities didn't migrate smoothly.

1.1.6 - Allow setting the name of weather entities.

  • Add the ability to name the weather entities when forecast is not checked during config.

1.1.5 - Fix unit of measurement for wind speed

  • The wind speed in the weather object had the wrong value as the unit of measurment was not being set.

1.1.4 - Fix weather object not being created

  • When the forecast configuration box was unticked the weather object was failing to be created.

1.1.2 - Add Sunrise/Sunset sensors

  • Added sunrise and sunset sensors in the forecast that provide the sunrise/sunset times for the selected forecast period.

1.1.1 - Add Now/Later sensors

  • Added now and later sensors in the forecast that provide the next 2 min/max elements.
  • Fix sensors disappearing when data is not available from the BoM.

1.1.0 - Improve stability

  • Updated the way the integration fetches data from BoM to improve stability.

1.0.0 - Hourly Forecast Weather Entity and Bug Fixes

  • Released a weather entity with hourly forecast.
  • Hopefully fixed that bug that occured when BoM had missing data.
  • Refactored code to be a bit cleaner.
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