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spring-boot-angular2 starter kit

spring boot backend, angular2 frontend with webpack, typescript, sass, bootstrap4, karma, jasmine


a starter project for prototyping restful applications with spring boot, angular2, and bootstrap4.

anuglar2 with es6 support. unit tests with jasmine.

change log


  1. install jdk8
    • set JAVA_HOME environment variable
  2. (optional) install latest gradle
    • otherwise just use $ ./gradlew
  3. (optional) install python 2.7.x
    • set python environment variable
    • $ gradle npmInstall may complain otherwise


$ git clone [email protected]:borysn/spring-boot-angular2

build & run

  • $ gradle clean build runAll
    • server side will finish building first
    • give npm/webpack a little time to finish up
  • using browser, navigate tolocalhost:3000

further reading



check out my rvep project. it's built and updated according to this starter kit!

rvep | dev_backend

rvep | dev_frontend


if you have any input, or contributions, please share!


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