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Abstruse CI is a lightweight, yet powerful distributed CI/CD written in Golang. Its default configuration uses single node cluster with n workers, however, this cluster can be easily extended with more nodes if necessary.

This is a work in progress for v2.0.0 relase, if you are looking for Node.JS based v1.x.x version please check here.


Check Out Live Demo

Go to and login with username [email protected] and password abstruse.

Note that demo user only have read permissions on added repositories.

Get the Demo Running Locally

If you are interested about the status of this project, the easiest way to get Abstruse 2.x running is:

$ docker-compose -f up -d

You can also build docker images locally:

$ make docker
$ docker-compose -f configs/demo/default/docker-compose.yml up -d

This command will run abstruse-server with a single worker node abstruse-worker and MySQL database. You should be able to open up the installation wizard in your browser at http://localhost and finish the setup.

Building the Project from Source

To build the project from source, first clone or download repository, then:

$ make install_dependencies
$ make


If you are interested in helping with the new release, you can get the development environment running like:

$ make install_dependencies

This will install all dependencies for building the project. Please note that you need Node.JS, yarn and go installed, preferably latest releases.

For UI development run:

$ cd web/abstruse
$ yarn start

For abstruse-server development with live-reload enabled run:

$ make dev

And for abstruse-worker development with live-reload run:

$ make dev_worker


See the license.

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