Bit Preserve

Project for capturing vintage, classic, aka old computer schematics in KiCad.
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
7 days ago3October 23, 202136mitPython
SKiDL is a module that extends Python with the ability to design electronic circuits.
4 months ago74gpl-2.0Perl
Altium to KiCad converter for PCB and schematics
Stack Chan459
3 days ago19apache-2.0TypeScript
A JavaScript-driven M5Stack-embedded super-kawaii robot.
Bit Preserve290
a month ago7otherHTML
Project for capturing vintage, classic, aka old computer schematics in KiCad.
17 hours ago2mitShell
Kiri is a tool for reviewing Schematics and Layouts of Git-versioned Kicad-projects, visually.
8bit Cpu253
a year agomitPython
Schematics & code for my 74LS-based 8-bit MK1 CPU
a year ago4other
Open Hardware Remake of the Commodore Amiga 500+ Mainboard
a year ago3otherOCaml
This project aims at being able to export Kicad Sch files to structured picture files
Kicad Tools115
a year ago13Shell
Various bits of automation for using KiCAD and Git together
6 days ago10June 18, 20223mitPython
JLC2KICAD_lib is a python script that generate a component library (schematic, footprint and 3D model ) for KiCad from the JLCPCB/easyEDA library.
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Bit Preserve

Recreating classic computer schematics. Let's convert all those random scanned PDFs into a modern, editiable and re-usable format.

Most of the directories are empty. They represent the structure I had initially had in mind. I'm working on the Apple IIgs ROM3 schematic. Another contributor has provided schematics for the Altair 8800. There is plenty of room for you to contribute!

How it works

Pick a system, find a schematic, and start drawing. The project has picked KiCad as the primary schematic capture tool. If there are variants of the schematic, give them their own directory. If you see a system you'd like to contribute but it isn't listed, just submit a pull request. If you start working on a system, do a pull on the readme file in that directory and put your name there as "working on it."

Have suggestions on how to manage that workflow? Then submit an issue!

More information

I first announced this project at KiCon 2019. Here are some links to get background about the project.


My goal is to have minimal rules. Right now I'd like us all to focus on documenting these systems somewhere. After we get a few more systems captured and a few more people contributing, then we can develop a style guide.

So for now, Bit Preserve has three simple rules:

  1. Do not upload bitmapped PDFs or images of original schematics. Instead, please link to repositories for that specific system instead.
  2. Use KiCad
  3. Don't be a dweeb

One change to #1 from above: PDFs of the KiCad schematic is acceptable. But, please make sure the schematic file has a revision and date which is reflected in the PDF.

Questions or Ideas

Please, submit an issue. In most cases, there is no need to email me. I want open discussions about how we move forward.

System Wishlist

  • Amiga

  • Amstrad

  • Apple

    • Apple II
    • Apple II+
    • Apple IIe
    • Apple IIc
    • Apple III
  • Commodore

    • PET
    • VIC 20
    • C64
    • C64C
    • C128
  • Sinclair

    • ZX 80
    • ZX 81
  • Spectrum ZX

  • Tandy / Radio Shack

    • TRS-80 Model I
    • TRS-80 Model II
    • TRS-80 Model III

    -James @baldengineer

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