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This content is outdated and is no longer maintained. Please go to for newest EKS tutorials!

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This is a self-paced workshop designed for Development and Operations teams who would like to leverage Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This workshop provides instructions to create, manage, and scale a Kubernetes cluster on AWS, as well as how to deploy applications, scale them, run stateless and stateful containers, perform service discovery between different microservices, and other similar concepts.

It also shows deep integration with several AWS technologies.

We recommend at least 2 hours to complete the workshop.

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== Extended Paths

The workshop also contains extended paths for Developers or Operations Engineers. The extended paths go into much greater detail regarding features and capabilities of Kubernetes specifically for those Teams. We recommend at least 4 hours for each of the extended paths.

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NOTE: You will incur charges as you go through these workshop guides as it will exceed the link:[limits of AWS free tier]. An estimate of charges (<$20/day) can be seen at this link:[simple monthly calculator]

=== Participation

You can share this workshop via We encourage participation; if you find anything, please submit an issue. However, if you want to help raise the bar, submit a PR!

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