Triangle Mesh Collision

Self-collision detection for triangles meshes (C++, libigl, eigen)
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Dem Bones661
8 months ago3otherC++
An automated algorithm to extract the linear blend skinning (LBS) from a set of example poses
Flame Fitting508
4 months ago14Python
Example code for the FLAME 3D head model. The code demonstrates how to sample 3D heads from the model, fit the model to 3D keypoints and 3D scans.
5 years ago3mitC++
Demo implementation of smoothly filling holes in 3D meshes using surface fairing
2 years ago10mitC++
OptCuts, a new parameterization algorithm, jointly optimizes arbitrary embeddings for seam quality and distortion. OptCuts requires no parameter tuning; automatically generating mappings that minimize seam-lengths while satisfying user-requested distortion bounds.
6 months ago4C++
Simple OpenGL mesh/point cloud viewer
5 months agompl-2.0C++
TinyMesh is a light-weight mesh processing library in C/C++.
Scalable Locally Injective Mappings51
4 years ago5gpl-3.0C++
Implementation of 2D-parametrization algorithm introduced by the paper "Scalable Locally Injective Mappings". Currently support only the Symmetric Dirichlet isometric energy.
2 years ago1mitC++
A robust cut-cell mesh generator for arbitrary triangle-mesh inputs
7 years ago1mitC++
An implementation of "Smooth Skinning Decomposition with Rigid Bones" (SIGGRAPH ASIA 2012).
5 years ago1bsl-1.0C++
C++ math / geometry / mesh processing library
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Self collision detection for triangles meshes. Implementation in C++, uses Eigen and libigl libraries.

To use:

  1. Create build directory (mkdir build)
  2. cd build/
  3. Run cmake on project (cmake ..)
  4. Make project (make)
  5. Place object file into meshes/ directory.
  6. Inside build folder, run ./collision_bin FILE_NAME.EXT


  • Currently only supports .off and .ply file types. Check the available igl::readEXT() methods to add support for different file types. Add to getTriangleMesh() method in main.cpp
  • Toggle the bool VISUALIZATION at top of main.cpp to show/hide object and collision results
  • Make sure CMake can find libigl on your machine. Inside the cmake/FindLIBIGL.cmake, include the path to your local copy of libigl
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