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Automate visual regression testing.

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Forget about regressions: Argos will warn you if any visual regressions are about to be introduced, so they those don't end-up in production. We are giving developers high confidence in doing changes so they can quickly iterate. You can review visual changes in one click as part of your code review process.

Save time: Argos compares screenshots at high speed. You get a fast feedback. It comes with a GitHub integration. It will notify you on pull requests when something might be broken.

Integrates in your development workflow: Argos integrates directly into your test suite and development workflow. We provide a command line interface streamlining the process.

Ship pixel-perfect interfaces: Argos provides different tools to compare screenshots. Designers can easily participate in the code review process.

Testing your open source project is 100% free: Seriously. Always. We like to think of it as our way of giving back to a community that gives us so much as well.

The problem solved

  • UI tests are hard to write.
  • Automated testing can't tell you if something doesn't look right. UI regressions may go undetected.
  • It's hard for designers to participate in the code review process.

Previous work


Changes and improvements are more than welcome! Please make your changes in a specific branch and request to pull into master! To learn more about it, have a look at our

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