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Cryptocurrency trading bot that allows users to create strategies and then backtest, optimize, simulate, or run live bots using them. Telegram integration has been added to support easier and remote trading.

Algobot requires at least Python 3.7 and not over Python 3.9.


Once you have cloned or unpacked the source code locally, run the following commands from your terminal in that directory.

pip install pipenv
pipenv install

If your install fails, please make sure to have Visual Studio Build Tools installed.

Please note that Algobot requires TA-LIB. You can view instructions on how to download TA-LIB from here. For Windows users, it's best to download the .whl package for your Python install and pip install it. For Linux and MacOS users, there's excellent documentation available in the link provided above.

For Windows, it's easiest to perform the following:

  1. pipenv shell
  2. pip install <your .whl file>

You can find the .whl files here.


To start Algobot, run:

pipenv run bot

Set DEBUG=1 to enable debug level logging.


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  • View real time data.
  • Create graphs with real time data and/or moving averages.
  • Run simulations with parameters configured.
  • Run custom backtests with parameters configured.
  • Run live bots with parameters configured.
  • Telegram integration that allows users to trade or view statistics.
  • Create custom, trailing, or limit stop losses.
  • Create take profits.
  • Optimize your strategies using the built-in optimizer.
  • Ability to create your own custom strategies.

User Interface

Main Interface Configuration Graphs News


Bot usage is as is. Algobot is not responsible for any financial burdens or unexpected monetary bugs or glitches.


GNU General Public License v3.0


Mihir Shrestha


koutsie, Malachi Soord (inverse)

Special Contributors

Peter Motin for being the founder and head of strategic development throughout the entirety of this project.


Check our contributing guidelines to get started.

Feature Requests

For any feature requests, feel free to add a feature request through Github's Issues. We would love to hear your ideas and implement them on the application.


You can find documentation regarding Algobot here.

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