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Google, Naver multiprocess image crawler (High Quality & Speed & Customizable)

How to use

  1. Install Chrome

  2. pip install -r requirements.txt

  3. Write search keywords in keywords.txt

  4. Run ""

  5. Files will be downloaded to 'download' directory.



python3 [--skip true] [--threads 4] [--google true] [--naver true] [--full false] [--face false] [--no_gui auto] [--limit 0]
--skip true        Skips keyword if downloaded directory already exists. This is needed when re-downloading.

--threads 4        Number of threads to download.

--google true      Download from (boolean)

--naver true       Download from (boolean)

--full false       Download full resolution image instead of thumbnails (slow)

--face false       Face search mode

--no_gui auto      No GUI mode. (headless mode) Acceleration for full_resolution mode, but unstable on thumbnail mode.
                   Default: "auto" - false if full=false, true if full=true
                   (can be used for docker linux system)
--limit 0          Maximum count of images to download per site. (0: infinite)
--proxy-list ''    The comma separated proxy list like: "socks://,".
                   Every thread will randomly choose one from the list.

Full Resolution Mode

You can download full resolution image of JPG, GIF, PNG files by specifying --full true

Data Imbalance Detection

Detects data imbalance based on number of files.

When crawling ends, the message show you what directory has under 50% of average files.

I recommend you to remove those directories and re-download.

Remote crawling through SSH on your server

sudo apt-get install xvfb <- This is virtual display

sudo apt-get install screen <- This will allow you to close SSH terminal while running.

screen -S s1

Xvfb :99 -ac & DISPLAY=:99 python3


You can make your own crawler by changing


As google site consistently changes, please make issues if it doesn't work.

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