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Awesome Open Source


A maven plugin to visualize a java ee project.

Please look into the wiki.

Some notes to the implementation: Visualee scans the java-source-files for relevant dependencies. The dependencies are generated as JSON-Files. This JSON-Files are the input for the d3.js-visualisation. The GUI uses jquery and jquery-ui.

Why not using java-reflection?

Early versions used java reflection to examine the java-classes, but i decided against it and prefer a simple scan of the source-files, because:

  • it's possible to visualize even not compilable code (useful at the beginning of developing or in emergency cases)
  • it's easier to implement visualee to other languages
  • much less trouble with plugin-configuration, because the classes must be loadable (cue: „absent code...“, implemenation of the EE-Stack must be included).

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