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The documentation is available at

Pre-built binaries

There are pre-built binaries of the latest release on the GitHub releases page.

Using Hobbits

Read the user guide in the documentation and/or watch this walkthrough video

Building with Conan, Python 3, and CMake 3.12+

  1. Install Conan with pip: pip install conan

  2. Configure Conan to use a custom remote:

conan remote add hobbitsconan
  1. You might need some system libraries and build tools for all of the conan steps to work.

Ubuntu 20.04 example:

sudo apt-get install -y libudev-dev libgl-dev patchelf

Fedora 36 example:

sudo dnf install perl libglvnd-devel systemd-devel patchelf
  1. You might need to add conan to your path and set the CONAN_SYSREQUIRES_MODE variable to enabled. Ubuntu 20.04 example (this could go in your .bashrc):
export PATH=/home/<your username>/.local/bin:$PATH
  1. Use conan to get/build dependencies, then build and package hobbits:
mkdir build
cd build
conan install .. --build=missing
conan build ..
conan package ..

If you have any issues building, you can check out more detailed steps and environmental setup in the continuous integration files or open an issue.

Building with CMake and system dependencies

Plain CMake (no Conan) building also works if you have your dependencies handled. The CentOS 7 GCC 4.8 CI build does this. If building using the bundled pffft, ensure you clone or checkout with the --recurse-submodules flag.

Adding plugins

Read the plugin developer guide in the documentation. As of v0.50.0, the plugin interfaces are pretty stable, but some planned refactoring efforts will change parts of it before 1.x is finalized.

Get Involved

Join our Discord server, send us an email at [email protected], and tell your colleagues. We'd love contributions and resumes, but we'll settle for bug reports and memes.

Screenshot of the Hobbits GUI

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