Table Detection Using Deep Learning

Tensorflow, Luminoth Based Table Detection and Extraction
Alternatives To Table Detection Using Deep Learning
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Danfo.js is an open source, JavaScript library providing high performance, intuitive, and easy to use data structures for manipulating and processing structured data.
Tensorflow 101423
3 months ago10otherJupyter Notebook
《TensorFlow 快速入门与实战》和《TensorFlow 2 项目进阶实战》课程代码与课件
Tensorflow In Depth257
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Tensorflow Recommendation Wals126
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An end-to-end solution for website article recommendations based on Google Analytics data. Uses WALS matrix-factorization in TensorFlow, trained on Cloud ML Engine. Recommendations served with App Engine Flex and Cloud Endpoints. Orchestration is performed using Airflow on Cloud Composer. See the solution tutorials at:
Table Detection Using Deep Learning123
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Tensorflow, Luminoth Based Table Detection and Extraction
3d Recgan Extended82
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🔥3D-RecGAN++ in Tensorflow (TPAMI 2018)
Table Detection Using Deep Learning24
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Table Detection using Deep Learning
4 years agoPython
Automatic Table reader. Can extract table data from images.
Table2vec Lideng6
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Table2Vec: Neural Word and Entity Embeddings for Table Population and Retrieval
4 years agoScala
Alternatives To Table Detection Using Deep Learning
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Deep Learning based Table Detection (LUMINOTH)

Deep Learning based Table Detection (LUMINOTH)

This project focuses on "Detection Tables in PDF and Extract contents" by Keras and ObjectTensorFlow Detection API.

The system shall work in 2 steps:

Step 1: Accept document input, read tables: System should have an input mechanism for accepting documents images (TIFF, JPEG). The document may have one or more tables.

Step 2: Step 2: As an output, system should return the table content in an excel format,same as that in the sample data sets

More Details can be found in PPT

Dataset used UNLV dataset

Quick Demo



Result 2


Luminoth currently supports Python 2.7 and 3.4–3.6.


To use Luminoth, TensorFlow must be installed beforehand. If you want GPU support, you should install the GPU version of TensorFlow with pip install tensorflow-gpu, or else you can use the CPU version using pip install tensorflow.

Installing Luminoth

Just install from PyPI:

pip install luminoth

Optionally, Luminoth can also install TensorFlow for you if you install it with pip install luminoth[tf] or pip install luminoth[tf-gpu], depending on the version of TensorFlow you wish to use.

Google Cloud

If you wish to train using Google Cloud ML Engine, the optional dependencies must be installed:

pip install luminoth[gcloud]

Installing from source

First, clone the repo on your machine and then install with pip:

git clone
cd luminoth
pip install -e .

Run ""


This system is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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