A powerful Lavalink library for Discord.py.
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A powerful Lavalink library for Discord.py.
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Wavelink is a robust and powerful Lavalink wrapper for Discord.py. Wavelink features a fully asynchronous API that's intuitive and easy to use with built in Spotify Support and Node Pool Balancing.


  • Fully Asynchronous
  • Auto-Play and Looping (With the inbuilt Queue system)
  • Spotify Support
  • Node Balancing and Fail-over
  • Supports Lavalink 3.7+


Official Documentation


For support using WaveLink, please join the official support server on Discord.



The following commands are currently the valid ways of installing WaveLink.

WaveLink 2 requires Python 3.10+


py -3.10 -m pip install -U Wavelink


python3.10 -m pip install -U Wavelink

Getting Started

See also: Examples

import discord
import wavelink
from discord.ext import commands

class Bot(commands.Bot):

    def __init__(self) -> None:
        intents = discord.Intents.default()
        intents.message_content = True

        super().__init__(intents=intents, command_prefix='?')

    async def on_ready(self) -> None:
        print(f'Logged in {self.user} | {self.user.id}')

    async def setup_hook(self) -> None:
        # Wavelink 2.0 has made connecting Nodes easier... Simply create each Node
        # and pass it to NodePool.connect with the client/bot.
        node: wavelink.Node = wavelink.Node(uri='http://localhost:2333', password='youshallnotpass')
        await wavelink.NodePool.connect(client=self, nodes=[node])

bot = Bot()

async def play(ctx: commands.Context, *, search: str) -> None:
    """Simple play command."""

    if not ctx.voice_client:
        vc: wavelink.Player = await ctx.author.voice.channel.connect(cls=wavelink.Player)
        vc: wavelink.Player = ctx.voice_client

    track = await wavelink.YouTubeTrack.search(search, return_first=True)
    await vc.play(track)

async def disconnect(ctx: commands.Context) -> None:
    """Simple disconnect command.

    This command assumes there is a currently connected Player.
    vc: wavelink.Player = ctx.voice_client
    await vc.disconnect()

Lavalink Installation

Head to the official Lavalink repo and give it a star!

  • Create a folder for storing Lavalink.jar and related files/folders.
  • Copy and paste the example application.yml to application.yml in the folder we created earlier. You can open the yml in Notepad or any simple text editor.
  • Change your password in the application.yml and store it in a config for your bot.
  • Set local to true in the application.yml if you wish to use wavelink.LocalTrack for local machine search options... Otherwise ignore.
  • Save and exit.
  • Install Java 17(Windows) or Java 13+ on the machine you are running.
  • Download Lavalink.jar and place it in the folder created earlier.
  • Open a cmd prompt or terminal and change directory cd into the folder we made earlier.
  • Run: java -jar Lavalink.jar

If you are having any problems installing Lavalink, please join the official Discord Server listed above for help.

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