🎶 A Discord music bot that's easy to set up and run yourself!
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6 days ago175apache-2.0Java
🎶 A Discord music bot that's easy to set up and run yourself!
2 days ago19mitTypeScript
🤖 EvoBot is a Discord Music Bot built with TypeScript + Discord.js, includes Docker builds & localization in 20+ languages
8 days ago4apache-2.0TypeScript
lavalink music bot base in shoukaku and discord.js v14
Distube337165 months ago187September 23, 20222mitTypeScript
A Discord.js module to simplify your music commands and play songs with audio filters on Discord without any API key.
a month ago21apache-2.0Java
Discord bot that plays Spotify tracks and YouTube videos or any URL including Soundcloud links and Twitch streams
2 months ago23gpl-3.0JavaScript
Powerful Discord music bot in over 220,000 servers.
Discord.js Musicbot Addon1108834a year ago89January 24, 20209iscJavaScript
This DOES NOT WORK any more. This repo only serves as an archive for is anyone wants to pickup my work. You may still join the discord however.
Devevilbot Discord Bot99
4 months agomitJavaScript
DevEvilBot is a multifunctional bot that simplifies server management, Created by DevEvil#8745, Also features Games , Fun , NSFW, Anti Raid, Music, Leveling System and much more with over 229 commands
8 days agomitJavaScript
An open source moderation bot with advanced features developed by Aternos.
Discord Music 24 779
a year ago8mitJavaScript
A 24/7 music bot for Discord that pauses when nobody is listening.
Alternatives To Musicbot
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A cross-platform Discord music bot with a clean interface, and that is easy to set up and run yourself!



  • Easy to run (just make sure Java is installed, and run!)
  • Fast loading of songs
  • No external keys needed (besides a Discord Bot token)
  • Smooth playback
  • Server-specific setup for the "DJ" role that can moderate the music
  • Clean and beautiful menus
  • Supports many sites, including Youtube, Soundcloud, and more
  • Supports many online radio/streams
  • Supports local files
  • Playlist support (both web/youtube, and local)

Supported sources and formats

JMusicBot supports all sources and formats supported by lavaplayer:


  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud
  • Bandcamp
  • Vimeo
  • Twitch streams
  • Local files


  • MP3
  • FLAC
  • WAV
  • Matroska/WebM (AAC, Opus or Vorbis codecs)
  • MP4/M4A (AAC codec)
  • OGG streams (Opus, Vorbis and FLAC codecs)
  • AAC streams
  • Stream playlists (M3U and PLS)


Loading Example...


Please see the Setup Page to run this bot yourself!

Questions/Suggestions/Bug Reports

Please read the Issues List before suggesting a feature. If you have a question, need troubleshooting help, or want to brainstorm a new feature, please start a Discussion. If you'd like to suggest a feature or report a reproducible bug, please open an Issue on this repository. If you like this bot, be sure to add a star to the libraries that make this possible: JDA and lavaplayer!


This bot (and the source code here) might not be easy to edit for inexperienced programmers. The main purpose of having the source public is to show the capabilities of the libraries, to allow others to understand how the bot works, and to allow those knowledgeable about java, JDA, and Discord bot development to contribute. There are many requirements and dependencies required to edit and compile it, and there will not be support provided for people looking to make changes on their own. Instead, consider making a feature request (see the above section). If you choose to make edits, please do so in accordance with the Apache 2.0 License.

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