A raft consensus implementation that is simply and understandable
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Distributed reliable key-value store for the most critical data of a distributed system
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Distributed transactional key-value database, originally created to complement TiDB
Dragonboat4,74333a day ago142June 14, 202334apache-2.0Go
A feature complete and high performance multi-group Raft library in Go.
Sofa Jraft3,3095154 days ago31April 10, 202354apache-2.0Java
A production-grade java implementation of RAFT consensus algorithm.
Raft Rs2,58417168 days ago12June 16, 202158apache-2.0Rust
Raft distributed consensus algorithm implemented in Rust.
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FISCO BCOS(发音为/ˈfɪskl bi:ˈkɒz/)是一个稳定、高效、安全的许可区块链平台,已被广泛应用于现实的行业应用。截至目前,已拥有4000多家企事业单位,300多个行业数字标杆应用,涵盖文化版权、司法服务、政府服务、物联网、金融、智慧社区、房地产建设、社区治理、乡村振兴等领域。FISCO BCOS (pronounced /ˈfɪskl bi:ˈkɒz/) is a stable, efficient, and secure permissioned blockchain platform that has been widely used in real-world industry applications.
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2 years ago1
Awesome list for Paxos and friends
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In-memory NoSQL database with ACID transactions, Raft consensus, and Redis API
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Floyd 中文

Build Status

Floyd is an C++ library based on Raft consensus protocol.

  • Raft is a consensus algorithm which is easy to understand;
  • Floyd is a library that could be easily embeded into users' application;
  • Floyd support consistency between cluster nodes by APIs like Read/Write/Delete;
  • Also some query and debug managment APIs: GetLeader/GetServerStatus/set_log_level
  • Floyd support lock operation upon raft consensus protocol


  • Floyd has provided high available store for Meta cluster of Zeppelin , which is a huge distributed key-value storage.
  • Floyd lock interface has used in our production pika_hub
  • The list will goes on.

Why do we prefer a library to a service?

When we want to coordinate services, ZooKeeper is always a good choice.

  • But we have to maintain another service.
  • We must use its' SDK at the same time.

In our opion, a single service is much more simple than two services. As a result, an embeded library could be a better choice.

Floyd's Features and APIs

type API Status
Consensus Read support
Consensus Write support
Consensus Delete support
Local DirtyRead support
Local DirtyWrite support
Query GetLeader support
Query GetServerStatus support
Debug set_log_level support
  • Raft fetaures
Language Leader election + Log Replication Membership Changes Log Compaction
C++ Yes No No

Compile and Have a Try

  • Dependencies

    • gcc version 4.8+ to support C++11.
    • protobuf-devel
    • snappy-devel
    • bzip2-devel
    • zlib-devel
    • bzip2
    • submodules:        - Pink        - Slash
  • Get source code and submodules recursively.

git clone --recursive https://github.com/Qihoo360/floyd.git
  • Compile and get the libfloyd.a library


Then right now there is three examples in the example directory, go and compile in the corresponding directory


contains many cases wrapped floyd into small example

Get all simple example will make command, then every example will start floyd with five node

  1. t is a single thread wirte tool to get performance
  2. t1 is multi thread program to get performance, in this case, all the writes is from the leader node
  3. t2 is an example test node join and leave
  4. t4 is an example used to see the message passing by each node in a stable situation
  5. t5 used to test single mode floyd, including starting a node and writing data
  6. t6 is the same as t1 except that all the writes is from the follower node
  7. t7 test write 3 node and then join the other 2 node case


raftis is a consensus server with 5 nodes and supporting redis protocol(get/set command). raftis is an example of building a consensus cluster with floyd(floyd is a simple implementation of raft protocol). It's very simple and intuitive. we can test raftis with redis-cli, benchmark with redis redis-benchmark tools.

compile raftis with command make and then start with run.sh

make && sh run.sh
# start with five node
./output/bin/raftis ",,,," "" 8901 "./data1/" 6379 &
./output/bin/raftis ",,,," "" 8902 "./data2/" 6479 &
./output/bin/raftis ",,,," "" 8903 "./data3/" 6579 &
./output/bin/raftis ",,,," "" 8904 "./data4/" 6679 &
./output/bin/raftis ",,,," "" 8905 "./data5/" 6779 &
└─[$] ./src/redis-benchmark -t set -n 1000000 -r 100000000 -c 20
====== SET ======
  1000000 requests completed in 219.76 seconds
  20 parallel clients
  3 bytes payload
  keep alive: 1

0.00% <= 2 milliseconds
0.00% <= 3 milliseconds
8.72% <= 4 milliseconds
95.39% <= 5 milliseconds
95.96% <= 6 milliseconds
99.21% <= 7 milliseconds
99.66% <= 8 milliseconds
99.97% <= 9 milliseconds
99.97% <= 11 milliseconds
99.97% <= 12 milliseconds
99.97% <= 14 milliseconds
99.97% <= 15 milliseconds
99.99% <= 16 milliseconds
99.99% <= 17 milliseconds
99.99% <= 18 milliseconds
99.99% <= 19 milliseconds
99.99% <= 26 milliseconds
99.99% <= 27 milliseconds
100.00% <= 28 milliseconds
100.00% <= 29 milliseconds
100.00% <= 30 milliseconds
100.00% <= 61 milliseconds
100.00% <= 62 milliseconds
100.00% <= 63 milliseconds
100.00% <= 63 milliseconds
4550.31 requests per second


A simple consensus kv example contain server and client builded with floyd


floyd has pass the jepsen test, you can get the test case here jepsen


Contant us

Anyone who is interested in raft protocol, used floyd in your production or has wrote some article about souce code of floyd please contact me, we have a article list.

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