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Telegram 私聊机器人 Telegram Private Message Chat Bot

本项目已进入随缘更新状态,如您对使用 .NET 没有意见的话,可考虑使用 pmcenter 作为PM机器人的解决方案

安装 (Installation)

安装准备 (Preparation)

  • 创建Telegram机器人,获取Token

  • 一台外面的服务器,安装好Python和pip,并用pip安装python-telegram-bot==11.1.0

  • Create a bot and get its token

  • Install Python and pip, then use pip to install python-telegram-bot==11.1.0

配置 (Configuration)


    "Admin": 0,
    "//1": "管理员用户ID(数字ID)(可以先不设)",
    "Token": "",
    "//2": "机器人Token",
    "Lang": "zh",
    "//3": "语言包名称"


Open config.json and configure

    "Admin": 0,
    "//1": "Admin ID (A digital ID)",
    "Token": "",
    "//2": "Bot Token",
    "Lang": "en",
    "//3": "Language Pack Name (Be careful! It's 'en'!)"

If you didn't set admin's ID previously, the user who sends /setadmin to the bot first will become the admin. You can edit config.json to change admin later.

升级 (Upgrade)


Replace and folder lang, then run

运行 (Run)


使用 (Usage)

回复 (Reply)


Reply directly to the message forwarded by the robot to reply. You can reply text, sticker, photo, file, audio, voice and video.

查询用户身份 (Inquire sender identity)


You can reply /info to the message which you want to get its sender's info more clearly.

消息发送提示 (Message sending notification)



  • 对管理员:回复用户后,如无出错则不会提示“已回复”
  • 对用户:发送消息后,机器人不会回复“已收到”

Send the command /togglenotification to the bot to enable/disable the message sending notification


  • For admin: After replying to the user, if there is no error, it will not prompt "replied"
  • For users: After sending a message, the bot will not reply "received"

封禁与解禁 (Ban and unban)


向一条消息回复/unban或发送/unban <数字ID>可解除对此用户的封禁

Reply /ban to a message to block the sender of the message from sending messages to you

Reply unban to a message or send /unban <User ID> to unban a user

可用指令 (Available commands)

Command 用途
/ping 确认机器人是否正在运行
/setadmin 设置当前用户为管理员
/togglenotification 切换消息发送提示开启状态
/info 查询用户身份
/ban 封禁用户
/unban <数字ID (可选)> 解封用户
Command Usage
/ping Check if the bot is running
/setadmin Set the current user as admin
/togglenotification Toggle message sending notification status
/info Inquire sender identity
/ban Ban a user
/unban <ID (optional)> Unban a user

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