CURL: Contrastive Unsupervised Representation Learning for Sample-Efficient Reinforcement Learning
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CURL: Contrastive Unsupervised Representation Learning for Sample-Efficient Reinforcement Learning

This repository is the official implementation of CURL for the DeepMind control experiments. Atari experiments were done in a separate codebase available here. Our implementation of SAC is based on SAC+AE by Denis Yarats.


All of the dependencies are in the conda_env.yml file. They can be installed manually or with the following command:

conda env create -f conda_env.yml


To train a CURL agent on the cartpole swingup task from image-based observations run bash script/ from the root of this directory. The file contains the following command, which you can modify to try different environments / hyperparamters.

    --domain_name cartpole \
    --task_name swingup \
    --encoder_type pixel \
    --action_repeat 8 \
    --save_tb --pre_transform_image_size 100 --image_size 84 \
    --work_dir ./tmp \
    --agent curl_sac --frame_stack 3 \
    --seed -1 --critic_lr 1e-3 --actor_lr 1e-3 --eval_freq 10000 --batch_size 128 --num_train_steps 1000000 

In your console, you should see printouts that look like:

| train | E: 221 | S: 28000 | D: 18.1 s | R: 785.2634 | BR: 3.8815 | A_LOSS: -305.7328 | CR_LOSS: 190.9854 | CU_LOSS: 0.0000
| train | E: 225 | S: 28500 | D: 18.6 s | R: 832.4937 | BR: 3.9644 | A_LOSS: -308.7789 | CR_LOSS: 126.0638 | CU_LOSS: 0.0000
| train | E: 229 | S: 29000 | D: 18.8 s | R: 683.6702 | BR: 3.7384 | A_LOSS: -311.3941 | CR_LOSS: 140.2573 | CU_LOSS: 0.0000
| train | E: 233 | S: 29500 | D: 19.6 s | R: 838.0947 | BR: 3.7254 | A_LOSS: -316.9415 | CR_LOSS: 136.5304 | CU_LOSS: 0.0000

For reference, the maximum score for cartpole swing up is around 845 pts, so CURL has converged to the optimal score. This takes about an hour of training depending on your GPU.

Log abbreviation mapping:

train - training episode
E - total number of episodes 
S - total number of environment steps
D - duration in seconds to train 1 episode
R - mean episode reward
BR - average reward of sampled batch
A_LOSS - average loss of actor
CR_LOSS - average loss of critic
CU_LOSS - average loss of the CURL encoder

All data related to the run is stored in the specified working_dir. To enable model or video saving, use the --save_model or --save_video flags. For all available flags, inspect To visualize progress with tensorboard run:

tensorboard --logdir log --port 6006

and go to localhost:6006 in your browser. If you're running headlessly, try port forwarding with ssh.

For GPU accelerated rendering, make sure EGL is installed on your machine and set export MUJOCO_GL=egl. For environment troubleshooting issues, see the DeepMind control documentation.

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