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The most for the developer

Luos provides a simple way to think your hardware products as a group of independant features. You can easily manage and share your hardware products' features with your team, external developers, or with the community. Luos is an open-source lightweight library that can be used on any MCU, leading to free and fast multi-electronic-boards products development. Choosing Luos to design a product will help you to develop, debug, validate, monitor, and manage it from the cloud.

The most for the community

Most of the embedded developments are made from scratch. By using Luos, you will be able to capitalize on the development you, your company, or the Luos community already did. The re-usability of features encapsulated in Luos services will fasten the time your products reach the market and reassure the robustness and the universality of your applications.

Need dedicated help with your project? Check out Luos' support packages.

Good practices with Luos

Luos proposes organized and effective development practices, guaranteeing development flexibility and evolutivity of your hardware product, from the idea to the maintenance of the industrialized product fleet.

Let's do this

This section details the features of Luos technology as an embedded development platform, following these subjects:

  • Let's test through the Luos get started, to build, flash, run, and control your very first Luos code.
  • The Basics of Luos, explaining the general concepts and the project organization.
  • Definition of Nodes, and the relation between Luos and the physical world.
  • Definition of Packages, and how to make a portable and reusable development.
  • Definition of Services, how to create and declare features in your product.
  • Definition of Messages, when, why, and how to handle them, explaining the more advanced features of Luos.

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