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Awesome Open Source

Edu Account creator

I dont maintain the project anymore! Im planning to release a version WITHOUT selenium and requests only soon, so it will get way faster!

How to use?

  1. Install Firefox (
  2. Install Python and pip ( and
  3. Install selenium
    pip install selenium
  4. Run Edu using python
    python "Edu"
    or py "Edu"
    or python3 "Edu"

Why should i need it?

With this tool you can generate many studentmails (.edu mail)

For those who might not know the benefits of edu email:

  1. Free amazon prime for 6 months
  2. Unlimited Google Drive (most useful of pirates like you and me)
  3. Google apps for education
  4. Discounted Adobe CC
  5. Microsoft dreamspark
  6. Autodesk software's
  7. Github student developer pack
  8. Mindsumo
  9. Office 365
  10. Apple music 50% off
  11. Spotify 50% off
  12. Discounts on Dell products
  13. Discounts on Lenevo products

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