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OLD: Translate smartphone sensor data into control data (OSC, MIDI, DMX) via a browser.

NEW: Sway manages multi-user connectivity to route user data (source-agnostic) into output data. Smartphone sensor code is being refactored into Shui, while client handling code is being moved to sway-client

See wiki for all (scant at the moment) documentation.

What if Sway was like express, but for realtime data?


  • All references handled... where?
  • Configuration is loaded in sway.core
  • Server handles most sway business logic
  • Workflow handles user workflow

Create user Then user heartbeat then user workflow


  • [maybe] Move "user action" to "user state"
  • Evaluate each config, determine what should happen on change of config
  • Move to a formal event system or figure out events better

User Workflow

  • User is created in , and sway.workflowController.action is called
  • As user.state is null, we get the initialState specified in installation.json
  • and req.user.state is created
  • req.user.state is passed off to the response in sway.server.finalizeUserResponse

Sway Events

  • usersService.onUserCreated ?
  • usersService.onUserExpired ?
  • usersService.onUserExpiredBatch ?

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