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Awesome Open Source

JKSM for 3DS

JKSM or JK's Save Manager for 3DS. Switch UI is currently being backported, so may be missing features if built from source.

  • Circle Pad Left or Right Changes Save Data Type

  • While in title selection:

    • A Opens the highlighted title
    • Y Adds the highlighted title to favorites.
    • More later
  • While Folder Selection is open:

    • A Overwrites an already dumped backup or selects New
    • X Deletes the highlighted folder
    • Y Restores the highlighted folder
    • B Closes and returns to title select

This is a rewrite that is based on the original's code with the Switch's UI backported. Basically, sort of what I wanted to do in the first place before I disappeared.

See releases for the latest version and QR code or my Google Drive for early betas and updates.


libctru, citro3d, citro2d, and 3ds-zlib

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