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Online 3D Viewer

Online 3D Viewer ( is a free and open source web solution to visualize and explore 3D models right in your browser. This repository contains the source code of the website and the library behind it.

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Start Page

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The repository is separated into two parts. See more information in the Developer Documentation.

  • Online 3D Viewer Website: Source code of the web solution with all of the pages and functions.
  • Online 3D Viewer Engine: Source code of the library to visualize models easily.

Supported file formats


  • obj (with mtl and texture)
  • 3ds (with texture)
  • stl (text and binary)
  • ply (text and binary)
  • gltf (text and binary)
  • 3dm (experimental)
  • fbx (experimental)
  • off (text only)


  • obj (with mtl)
  • stl (text and binary)
  • ply (text and binary)
  • gltf (text and binary)
  • 3dm (experimental)
  • off (text only)


  • Load model:
    • Select files from a file browser dialog.
    • Drag and drop files from your computer.
    • Specify files by web url.
    • Specify files by web url in hash parameters.
  • Explore model:
    • Orbit, pan, zoom.
    • Set up direction.
    • Fit to window.
  • Investigate model:
    • List used and missing files.
    • List all materials and meshes.
    • Show/hide and zoom to a specific mesh.
    • List materials used by a specific mesh.
    • Show model information (model size, vertex and polygon count).
    • Show custom properties stored in the model.
  • Export model to various format.
  • Embed viewer in your website.

External Libraries

Online 3D Viewer uses these wonderful libraries: three.js, jquery, pickr, fflate, draco, rhino3dm, web-ifc.

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