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SQLite .NET Core global tool project that provides a simple command-line program that allows the user to manually enter and execute SQL statements with or without showing query results against an SQLite database.

What is .NET Core global tools

A .NET Core global tool is a special NuGet package that contains a console application. When installing a tool, .NET Core CLI will download and make your console tool available as a new command.

How to install it

The steps are very easy you only have to

  • Check if .NET Core sdk version 2.1 installed on your system, you can download it from Here then check if the instalation has gone correctly by typing

    user$ dotnet --version
    user$ 2.1.402
  • A single command allows you to download and install the tool

    user$ dotnet tool install --global sqlite-global-tool 
  • Add the tool to the enironement variable


  setx PATH "$env:PATH;$env:USERPROFILE/.dotnet/tools"


echo "export PATH=\"\$PATH:\$HOME/.dotnet/tools\"" >> ~/.bash_profile
  • Finaly run

    user$ sqlite-tool --h
  • Support me by making a for the repo and thank you :D , If you want to contribute to the project and make it better, your help is very welcome.




This project is under MIT License

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