Package for generation of symbolic (SX) expressions of robot kinematics and dynamics. Based on URDF and Pinocchio.
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Package for generation of symbolic (SX) expressions of robot kinematics and dynamics. Based on URDF and Pinocchio.


  • casadi 3.4.5, built from source is highly recommended on ubuntu 16.04 and later (however, check with pip show casadi)
  • pinocchio latest devel branch (mandatory)
  • pybind11 for generating python bindings
  • urdfdom (tested on ROS Kinetic)

Usage (python)

#!/usr/bin/env python

from casadi import *
import casadi_kin_dyn.pycasadi_kin_dyn as cas_kin_dyn

urdf = rospy.get_param('robot_description') # get urdf as string
kindyn = cas_kin_dyn.CasadiKinDyn(urdf) # construct main class

fk_str ='base_link')
fk = Function.deserialize(fk_str)

id_str = kindyn.rnea()
id = Function.deserialize(id_str)

Output on a 5-dof system:

forward_kinematics:(q[5])->(ee_pos[3],ee_rot[3x3]) SXFunction
rnea:(q[5],v[5],a[5])->(tau[5]) SXFunction
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