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The Top 37 Unittest Open Source Projects

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Javascript Testing Best Practices ⭐6,388
📗🌐 🚢 Comprehensive and exhaustive JavaScript & Node.js testing best practices (August 2019)
Coverlet ⭐1,460
Cross platform code coverage for .NET
Miniredis ⭐1,031
Pure Go Redis server for Go unittests
Spectator ⭐743
🦊 🚀 A Powerful Tool to Simplify Your Angular Tests
Green ⭐631
Green is a clean, colorful, fast python test runner.
Swiftymocky ⭐602
Framework for automatic mock generation. Adds a set of handy methods, simplifying testing. One of the best and most complete solutions, including generics support and much more.
Nose2 ⭐593
The successor to nose, based on unittest2
Testfx ⭐337
MSTest V2 framework and adapter
Spry ⭐321
A Mac and iOS Playgrounds Unit Testing library based on Nimble.
Beautifulreport ⭐294
Sanic Ms ⭐282
Unittest Xml Reporting ⭐226
unittest-based test runner with Ant/JUnit like XML reporting.
Datatest ⭐209
Tools for test driven data-wrangling and data validation.
Go Carpet ⭐200
go-carpet - show test coverage in terminal for Go source files
Helm Unittest ⭐195
BDD styled unit test framework for Kubernetes Helm charts as a Helm plugin.
Python Unittest Tutorial ⭐168
Python3 tutorial - unittest module - PyMOTW
Fake Xrm Easy ⭐156
The testing framework for Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 which runs on an In-Memory context and deals with mocks or fakes for you
Expekt ⭐153
BDD assertion library for Kotlin
Wechatvideocourse ⭐153
Kotlinmvparchitecture ⭐138
Clean MVP Architecture with Dagger2 + Retrofit2 + Mockito + Fresco + EasiestGenericRecyclerAdapter using Kotlin. Added Unit Tests(Kotlin Tests)!
Ploop ⭐120
Prototype Lua object-oriented program system, with many modern features like attribute, overload, etc. For Lua 5.1 or above, include luajit
Bash_unit ⭐119
bash unit testing enterprise edition framework for professionals
Django Mock Queries ⭐117
A library for mocking django queryset functions in memory for testing
Flask Restful Example ⭐111
Unit Threaded ⭐100
Advanced unit test framework for D
Pyrequest ⭐90
Pytruth ⭐88
Assertion framework for Python unit tests
Unittesting ⭐86
Testing Sublime Text Packages
Ipytest ⭐86
Unit tests in IPython notebooks. Supports pytest.
Nimoy ⭐62
A testing and specification framework for Python 3
Tdcapp ⭐56
Sample app which access the TDC (The Developer's Conference) REST API.
Phpspec Code Coverage ⭐55
Generate Code Coverage reports for PhpSpec tests
Testify ⭐45
A unit testing framework written in bash for bash scripts ⭐37
The .NET ObjectFiller fills the properties of your .NET objects with random data
Company Structure ⭐32
A company structure with a list of projects and their users
Nunit_cshaprp_cheatsheet ⭐14
This project gives you example implementations for each attribute available in Nunit unit Testing Framework using C# .NET.
Capture Stream ⭐10
Capture stream output.
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