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i3-gaps is my Window Manager.

Clean Dirty


Alacritty is my main terminal, it is written in Rust and is very fast. As a shell, I use fish, that I find fast too and that has great default integrations. The prompt I use is starship.


I use i3lock for the lockscreen. I have a custom script to enable multi-monitor lockscreen. You can check the script in this repository.

Lock sreen


Configuration files used by many softwares on UNIX systems. Use at your own risk.

  • alacritty (terminal configuration)
  • cava (terminal visualizer)
  • compton
  • editorconfig
  • espanso (cross platform text expander)
  • fish (shell)
  • git (code versionning)
  • i3 (windows manager)
  • morc-menu
  • polybar (topbar)
  • rofi (launcher)
  • tmux (terminal multiplexer)
  • vim (terminal editor)


Set fish as your login shell :

chsh -s $(which fish)

  • arandr installed to generate your ~/.screenlayout scripts that will be prompted by i3wm on MOD+x

Command Line Interface softwares

  • gitweb - Open the current remote repository in your browser
  • bat - A cat(1) clone with wings.
  • the_silver_searcher - similar to ack but faster
  • tig - text mode interface for git
  • ranger - a VIM-inspired file manager
  • fzf - 🌸 A command-line fuzzy finder
  • fpp - Facebook Path Picker
  • ctags - Generate an indexof names found in source and header files of various programming language. Useful for tags feature in Vim.
  • xclip - Command line interface to the X11 clipboard


  • lock : use i3lock and custom logic to lock the computer screen
  • vol : controle the volume in command line
  • sp : control spotify in command line interface useful to use with i3 keys mapping.


Suggestions and improvements are welcome on the issue panel !

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