Token Dispenser

Stores email-password pairs, gives out Google Play Store tokens
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Alternatives To Token Dispenser
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Stores email-password pairs, gives out Google Play Store tokens.

Using Google Play Store API requires logging in using email and password. If you have a project which works with Google Play Store API you no longer have to make the users use their live accounts or ship your software with your account credentials inside. You can deploy a token dispenser instance and it will provide auth tokens on demand without letting the world know your password.


  1. git clone
  2. cd token-dispenser
  3. Edit src/main/resources/
  4. mvn install
  5. java -jar target/token-dispenser.jar

Docker image

  1. Run it. docker run --name td -d -t -p 8080:8080 yeriomin/play-store-token-dispenser:latest
  2. Enter container shell. docker exec -it td bash
  3. Edit passwords/passwords.txt and add your email-password pairs. One pair - one line. nano is included in the image.
  4. Exit container shell and restart the container. docker restart td

Configuration holds token dispenser's configuration.

Two things are configurable:

  • web server
  • storage

Web server

Token dispenser uses spark framework. To configure network address and port on which spark should listen change spark-host and spark-port.


There are two storage options supported:

  • Plain text Set storage to plaintext to use it. storage-plaintext-path property is used to store filesystem path to a plain text file with email-password pairs. There is an example here. Securing it is up to you.
  • MongoDB Set storage to mongodb to use it. Configurable parameters are self-explanatory.


Once server is configured, you can get the tokens for regular requests at http://server-address:port/token/email/[email protected] and tokens for checkin requests at http://server-address:port/token-ac2dm/email/[email protected]


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