Sketch Map Generator

Sketch plugin to fill a shape with a map generated from a given location using Google Maps and Mapbox
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Mapbox Gl Js9,8903,0088353 days ago183August 23, 20221,081otherJavaScript
Interactive, thoroughly customizable maps in the browser, powered by vector tiles and WebGL
Kepler.gl9,4123155 days ago15September 16, 2021559mitTypeScript is a powerful open source geospatial analysis tool for large-scale data sets.
React Map Gl7,1427252462 days ago264August 18, 202250otherTypeScript
React friendly API wrapper around MapboxGL JS
Mapbox Gl Native4,26538136a month ago216September 25, 2020303otherC++
Interactive, thoroughly customizable maps in native Android, iOS, macOS, Node.js, and Qt applications, powered by vector tiles and OpenGL
L73,0762424 days ago475September 20, 2022115mitTypeScript
🌎 Large-scale WebGL-powered Geospatial Data Visualization analysis engine
9 months ago410bsd-3-clauseJavaScript
TileMill is a modern map design studio
Leaflet Providers1,9001181310 days ago60October 19, 202112bsd-2-clauseJavaScript
An extension to Leaflet that contains configurations for various free tile providers.
Mapbox.js1,882402485 months ago71May 01, 202089otherHTML
Mapbox JavaScript API, a Leaflet Plugin
12a year ago18October 10, 201927apache-2.0Java
A view abstraction to provide a map user interface with various underlying map providers
Maps1,726185a day ago39March 06, 202228mitJava
A Mapbox react native module for creating custom maps
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🗺 Sketch Map Generator 4

Map Generator better than ever! ✨

Design beautiful map interfaces, mobile applications and more in less time with Map Generator. Now powered by Google and Mapbox.

If you find this plugin useful, please consider to make a donation to support its development! 🙏🏼




You will need to provide your own Google Maps API Key or your own Mapbox tokens so that the plugin can work properly.

To know how to generate your Google API Key and your Mapbox tokens please follow the steps described in these guides:

If you already use this plugin please backup your Google API Key, Mapbox tokens and map settings. The plugin will try to use the data you have saved but if something unexpected happens, it is better to have that data at hand.


  • 🗺 Generate maps with Google Maps
  • 🗺 Generate maps with Mapbox
  • 🎨 If you use Mapbox, now you can use your own custom styles!
  • 🔥 Map preview! Now you can see a live preview before generating a map
  • 📍 You can move the map preview, drag a pin to pick a location and change the zoom with no effort
  • 💅🏻 Snazzy styles support
  • ✨ A beautiful whole new UI
  • 🌓 Dark mode support
  • 🤙🏻 An improved user experience
  • 🛠 Several improvements and bugfixes

How it works?

  1. Save your Google API Key or your Mapbox tokens in the plugin settings.

  2. Create a shape and select it.

  3. Set your map settings:

Google Maps

Plugins > Sketch Map Generator > Generate a map using Google Maps... or press ^ + Cmd + G


Plugins > Sketch Map Generator > Generate a map using Mapbox... or press ^ + Cmd + B

  1. Press the button to generate the map and voila! Your shape will be filled with a beautiful map.

You can also generate with a single command the last map you created:

Plugins > Sketch Map Generator > Generate previous map or press ^ + Cmd + P



  1. Download the latest release of the plugin and unzip the file

  2. Double click on Map Generator.sketchplugin and you're ready to go

Install with Sketch Runner

Open Sketch Runner and run the Install command, then search for Map Generator and hit the Get button.


What versions of Sketch are supported?

The plugin is compatible with Sketch 53+

Does this plugin need an API Key or API token?

Yes. You need to provide an API Key for Google Maps and you also need to provide a public and a secret token for Mapbox.

Do I have to pay to use this plugin?

No. Although a credit card is required to get a Google Maps API key. Don't worry, it will be almost impossible for you to have to pay a single penny.

Does this plugin support retina? Yes.

There are some size limitations?

Yes. Currently Google Maps images can be returned in any size up to 640 x 640 px. Currently Mapbox images can be returned in any size up to 1280 x 1280 px.


If you have any questions or troubles with this product, please feel free to open an issue here.


Thanks to Guillermo for the icon!

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