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Large-scale WebGL-powered Geospatial data visualization analysis framework.



Powered by WebGL, the rendering technology of L7 supports fast and efficient rendering of big data, 2D/3D rendering, possible through calculation and analysis of spatial data by GPU Parallel Compu-ting.

L7 focuses on geographic data expressiveness,interaction and design of geographic visualization layers. The basemaps on the platform are powered by third-party services

🌄 l7 visualization demos

l7 demo

🌟 Highlight features of L7 2.0

  • 🌏 Data-driven Visualization

    Layer visualization API design base Semiology of Graphics.

    It supports rich map visualization types for a better insight on data.

  • 🌏 High performance rendering with 2D/3D effect Real-time and dynamic rendering with millions of spatial data.

  • 🌏 Simple and flexible data format

    L7 supports a wide variety of data formats including CSV, JSON, geojson, among others, eliminating the need to run conversions ahead of time.

  • 🌏 Multi-basemap

    For global users, Mapbox is easy to be embedded by a simple line of code.

Getting Started

📦 Installation

npm install @antv/l7

Init Map by L7 scene

import { Scene } from '@antv/l7';
import { Mapbox } from '@antv/l7-maps';

const scene = new Scene({
  id: 'map',
  map: new Mapbox({
    style: 'light',
    pitch: 0,
    center: [107.054293, 35.246265],
    zoom: 4.056,

Add Layer

import { PointLayer } from '@antv/l7';

const pointLayer = new PointLayer()
  .size('mag', [1, 25])
  .color('mag', ['#5B8FF9', '#5CCEA1'])
    opacity: 0.3,
    strokeWidth: 1,


📝 Documentation

✅ License

MIT license.

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