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smetrics is "string metrics".

Package smetrics provides a bunch of algorithms for calculating the distance between strings.

There are implementations for calculating the popular Levenshtein distance (aka Edit Distance or Wagner-Fischer), as well as the Jaro distance, the Jaro-Winkler distance, and more.

How to import

import ""


Go to for complete documentation.


package main

import (

func main() {
	smetrics.WagnerFischer("POTATO", "POTATTO", 1, 1, 2)
	smetrics.WagnerFischer("MOUSE", "HOUSE", 2, 2, 4)

	smetrics.Ukkonen("POTATO", "POTATTO", 1, 1, 2)
	smetrics.Ukkonen("MOUSE", "HOUSE", 2, 2, 4)

	smetrics.Jaro("AL", "AL")
	smetrics.Jaro("MARTHA", "MARHTA")

	smetrics.JaroWinkler("AL", "AL", 0.7, 4)
	smetrics.JaroWinkler("MARTHA", "MARHTA", 0.7, 4)


	smetrics.Hamming("aaa", "aaa")
	smetrics.Hamming("aaa", "aab")

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