Xontrib Template

Full-featured template for building extension (xontrib) for the xonsh shell.
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
a day ago10Shell
:rocket: A next-generation cd command with your interactive filter
Bashhub Client1,063
2 months ago23apache-2.0Python
:cloud: Bash history in the cloud. Indexed and searchable.
8 months ago6mitVisual Basic .NET
Open with++ context menu shell extension
3 months agompl-2.0C#
ExplorerGenie is an extended context menu for the Windows explorer.
Xontrib Template23
3 days ago5mitPython
Full-featured template for building extension (xontrib) for the xonsh shell.
2 years agoC#
A netcat-like utility for windows for transferring files and streams over HTTP with support for relaying through a remote host (via websocket), a webclient, and a shell extension. PRs welcome!
Fucking Awesome Shell7
2 days ago1cc0-1.0
A curated list of awesome command-line frameworks, toolkits, guides and gizmos. Inspired by awesome-php. With repository stars⭐ and forks🍴
2 years ago5mitShell
A descendant of fasd offering faster performance on Windows/Cygwin and (eventually) more...
Acenoster Zsh Theme5
7 days agomitShell
A multipurpose ZSH Theme with very detailed git and mercurial prompt.
4 years agoPython
More commands for Windows shell (base cygwin and Python ! )
Alternatives To Xontrib Template
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A template for creating the xonsh contributions called xontribs.

If you like the template click on the repo.


Why use this template?

This template includes good pack of prebuilt files:

  • README with the info and xontrib promotion instructions
  • PEP 621 or poetry based pyproject.toml file to make and install PyPi package easily
  • .gitattributes file to enable Github syntax highlighting for *.xsh files
  • .gitignore file with standard list of directories to ignore
  • .github/workflow/push-test.yml to automatically test the code using Github Actions
  • .github/*_template.md files to create Github templates for the text of issue and PR.
  • .pre-commit-config.yaml file with pre-commit-hooks
  • MANIFEST.in file to make Conda feedstock easily
  • LICENSE file with standard MIT license
  • tests/ with the test suite

Create new xontrib

Install copier:

xpip install copier jinja2-time cookiecutter

# OR using pipx (https://pypa.github.io/pipx/):
pipx install copier
pipx inject copier jinja2-time cookiecutter

Create your new xontrib:

copier gh:xonsh/xontrib-template .

Advent of PEP-621

Older projects can use the following tools to upgrade their setup to use pyproject.toml

If you have an idea for xontrib but have no time to implement


  • copier selects the latest tag when --vcs-ref option is not given. So it is important to tag the main branch after important template updates.

How to fix pre-commit-hooks

If you're using .pre-commit-config.yaml and have an error during testing you need fix the code i.e.:

xpip install pre-commit-hooks
pre-commit run --all-files black  # or isort, etc


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