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Apple Juice432
2 years ago13mitSwift
An advanced battery gauge for macOS, that displays the remaining battery time and more.
Raspberrypi Timemachine161
5 years ago1mit
Apple Time Machine with raspberry Pi
2 years agomitSwift
MinimalClock: a MacOS screen saver
4 years ago2gpl-3.0Swift
SimpleClock is a macOS application which can bring basic time functions but with better user experience.
Flagvar33313 years ago4July 11, 2020unlicenseGo
A collection of CLI argument types for the Go `flag` package.
Pomosh Ios Watchos32
2 years agomitSwift
🍅Pomosh is your next awesome Pomodoro Technique assistant on 📱iOS and ⌚️ WatchOS 🙌. It's native and lightweight. Uses SwiftUI. has a nice tomato icon and also ready for macOS too🔥
Time Container20
9 years agoShell
Time capsule and apple share in docker.
Copy From Mac Time Machine11
3 years ago1mitShell
The gist at https://gist.github.com/vjt/5183305, just as a repo
6 years ago2mitObjective-C
10 years agoJava
Demo projects used to test startup time between a dagger-based project and a RoboGuice-based project
Alternatives To Xylottery
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FIRST TIME : 4.2 Minimum Functionality (2017 - 7 - 11)

Today is the first time I post this binary to Apple,Also it is the first time be reject by Apple! And there is the image below!


what a fuck !

My app's function is so little, less then the minx functions judged by Apple.

OK, I will try the next time!

SECOND TIME : 5.2.1 Legal Intellectual Property (2017 - 7 - 26)

The second time was also failed , and there is the image bellow:


what is the hell!

THIRD TIME : PLA 3.2(f)(2017 - 7 - 27)

The third time was also failed , and there is the image bellow:


what is the hell!


tomorrow i will do this again。really。。


However so many times I have been rejected by Apple, I know my app realy has some questions, I am not angry with it.  I have sellected some blogs that also with these problems. Here are these links:

IOS 发布被拒 3.2 f : http://www.cnblogs.com/foreverfendou/p/6867574.html

关于苹果审核被拒PLA1.2,ipv6被拒该如何解决 http://www.jianshu.com/p/c1f25e1747e2

金融类APP常见被拒绝原因分析及解决 : http://www.woshipm.com/operate/746939.html

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