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The gist at, just as a repo
Alternatives To Copy From Mac Time Machine
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The gist at, just as a repo
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Alternatives To Copy From Mac Time Machine
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"Copy data from a Time Machine volume mounted on a Linux box".

This is a copy of the gist of @vjt, just as a repo, to allow opening issues, Pull Requests etc.

It copies files from an Apple Mac Time Machine backup to a "normally structured" (i.e. with reconstructed directory trees) file system.


(tested on a Debian based Gnu/Linux 4.4.)

Prerequisites: access to a terminal.

Mount the hdfs volume where your Mac's Time Machine backup was created.

Get the script by cloning this repo, or, even simpler, copying the script into a newly created file named

It's important to set the executable permission on the file, because it recursively calls itself:

chmod +x

Run the script - doing this as sudo avoids possible file permission problems:

sudo ./ $source $target

where $source is the mount point (i.e. not e.g. /dev/sdb2) of the Time Machine Volume and the proper directory (e.g. could be "Latest") and $target is the directory where you want to have the files copied to.

As a third argument the path of .HFS+ Private Directory Data\r could be given, if it wasn't detected by the script.


Feel free to open issues.

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