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WPGraphQL WooCommerce (WooGraphQL)

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Quick Install

  1. Install & activate WooCommerce
  2. Install & activate WPGraphQL
  3. Clone or download the zip of this repository into your WordPress plugin directory & activate the WP GraphQL WooCommerce plugin.
  4. (Optional) Install & activate WPGraphQL-JWT-Authentication to add a login mutation that returns a JSON Web Token.
  5. (Optional) Install & activate WPGraphQL-CORS to add an extra layer of security using HTTP CORS and some of WPGraphQL advanced functionality.

What does this plugin do?

It adds WooCommerce functionality to the WPGraphQL schema using WooCommerce's CRUD objects.


  • Query product, product variations, customers, coupons, orders, refunds and more with complex filtering options.
  • Manipulate customer session data using customer and cart mutations while managing customer session token using HTTP headers or cookies (not recommended). HTTP header example w/ React/Apollo
  • Create orders using the order mutations with the checkout mutation.

Future Features

  • Payment Processing
  • Adminstrator mutations. Eg. Creating and deleting products, coupons, and refunds.


Feel free to test out the extension using this GraphiQL Playground. The playground allows you to execute queries and mutations, as well as view the schema.

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